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Hi, guys....welcome to my page. I am just an average, sane guy who likes the company of other men. I was born and raised in the country and enjoy the simple things in life. I love being outdoors and doing manly things. I am attracted to other men of like age, body and mind -- Give me a more mature man with a nice body any day. I do have photos showing face and have no problem telling you where I am located. I just choose to not put those things out there on my public profile for the world to see. If you want to see/know more about me...just ask. I am an open book

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my profile. I hope you see something you like here ;-) And since you went to the trouble of taking a look, go ahead and drop me a line and say hi...I'd love to hear from you...and I do reply to all messages as quickly as I can. But please have a photo or at least something personal about yourself before sending me a friend request. I will NOT accept requests from anonymous profiles...I would just like to know something about who I am talking to. That's just a new rule of mine. All that said, I look forward to meeting you! Ask me for my KIK & Skype ID's - Mike.

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Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile / Top
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height5' 10"
Weight170 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
ReligionChristian - other
OccupationGraphic Designer/Creative Director


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Shared publicly - Dec 8 at 7:18am
Good morning guys....bracing for winter storm Diego here...this one is gonna be bad...I am sure of it.
Perfect, if only I could be snowed in with you. ;)
I also want to be snowed in with him..
I think we all have the same idea!!
I would pass out if I seen you all naked at the same time
That would be amazing...and hot!
love to see which cock and ass tasted the best...
Think it started in CA....and it was a bad one --- batten down the hatches, bring in some extra firewood and roast those nuts by the fire!! Hugs
Please be safe...get supplies...Keep in touch
4 to 12 inches here too. would be nicer if it could wait for xmas day.. :)
I would love to have that many inches.... ( snow of course) hehe
It would be horrible to get snowed in with
Wish we could cuddle up and ride out the storm together.
Dec 8 at 3:38pm
you stay warm my sexy man! I'll be with you in spirit!
I'm sure we could figure out a way to stay warm...


Shared publicly - Dec 7 at 7:30am
TGIF...have a great day, guys!
mmm, good morning sexy!
I would enjoy that inside my virgin ass, my man,
Back to you stud.
Indeed --- it's been a tough week. Enjoy the weekend, Mike
Damn Sweetie urrrrrrr killing me!!!
you too sexy, my weekend would be complete if that thing was near me, lol


Dec 6 at 8:42am
Updated profile.


Shared publicly - Dec 1 at 6:59pm
I just purged about 200 guys from my friends list...basically anyone that hasn't been on in the past year. Feels good to clean house, lol.
I will be doing that tomorrow. It took me 2 hours to give a profile comment today. I have only received on thank you. :( Now I see why it is a lost thing to do.
Dec 1 at 7:33pm
I know...I stopped doing it a long time ago...I believe no one even looks at them.
I leave people compliments all the time and very few will say thank you or respond...
Profile comments do get kind of lost in the mix
Dec 4 at 12:28am
I try
Don’t delete me sexy!
No way...I am talking about the ones that haven't even logged onto this site in like a year or more. Whats the point of keeping them on my friends list?
I am not sure what to do with the ones that have passed away. :(
I can’t delete them....kept Taters til Lo cancelled. Still have Clint
Im glad I made the cut.. You know you and I are going to get married one
Hopefully i'm still there ... lol, only you could purge 200, I don't have that many to start with .... the ever Mr Popular x
I know. Right? Like I told you, mine was so bad that I had to start over.
glad d i survived the cut :)
Glad you kept me!
im still waiting for my visit from you
He needs to buy a motor home and visit us so we can enjoy his massive cock
Not only he has the best cock on here . He is a sweetheart as well
Dec 3 at 4:30pm
It is impressive and he is generous about showing it off
Dec 4 at 12:30am
I Love his monster cock!
Thank you for keeping me around
Cleaning house and it's not even spring yet. Lol..
Glad I survived the cut
It's good to clean house once in a while. Lol
Dec 7 at 6:47am
Exactly...and I will probably go even deeper.
Deep as you want ..... or did I misunderstand you


Nov 28 at 10:25pm
Posted photos ...

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Dec 6 at 10:41am
Good thoughts for a terrific day.....hug (well, knowing how well you are endowed -- grind!).


Dec 1 at 6:09am
Happy Saturday. The weekend is here! Let the fun begin and let there be a loud cheer. Stopping to see "What's up?"

Have a great day!


Nov 29 at 12:19am
We have 222 mutual friends........................I think that means that we are supposed to get married..................................I'm pretty sure it does.


Nov 25 at 9:46pm
Not sure to what I owe the honor of your visit, Yenal, but thank you. - - and, BTW:

As long as you have such a magnificent classic HARD cock, and as long as you are so rightly proud of it, and given that I really REALY like suck men's hard cocks, and since you like getting your cock sucked - -- - Puis-je sucer votre bite?

"Das Butt – Tales of the USS Steel Rod Submarine crew" - - - -



Nov 15 at 7:33pm
Thanks for the add! (SLURP)


Oct 20 at 11:07am
Thanks for the add sexy


Oct 17 at 11:05am
Just Passing Through... Enjoy the Autumn Festive Season :)


Oct 17 at 11:02am
Always posting great photos


Oct 14 at 1:59am
Thank you !


Sep 28 at 6:08am
Thanks for stopping by my profile!