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Hi guys....summer is now behind us, I sure hope everyone enjoyed theirs. It was a long hot one here and I am looking forward to the coolness of autumn.

As for me, I am just an average, sane guy who likes the company of other men. I was born and raised in the country and enjoy the simple things in life. I love being outdoors and doing manly things. I am attracted to other men of like age, body and mind -- Give me a more mature man with a nice body any day. I do have photos showing face and have no problem telling you where I am located. I just choose to not put those things out there on my public profile for the world to see. I have in the past and learned a valuable lesson about doing that - ending up with a stalker. So, if you want to see/know more about me...just ask. I am an open book.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my profile. I hope you see something you like here ;-) And since you went to the trouble of taking a look, go ahead and drop me a line and say hi...I'd love to hear from you...and I do reply to all messages as quickly as I can. But please have a photo or at least something personal about yourself before sending me a friend request. I will NOT accept requests from anonymous profiles...I would just like to know something about who I am talking to. That's just a new rule of mine. That said, I look forward to meeting you! - Mike

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Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile / Top
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height5' 10"
Weight165 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
ReligionChristian - other
OccupationGraphic Designer/Creative Director


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Shared publicly - Oct 23 at 10:35pm
The Walking thing to say...OMG!!


Oct 23 at 1:50pm
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Oct 23 at 8:30am
Tonight's the night!
I cant wait babe!!...Really excited here!
Same here...been waiting for 6 months...and now that its time, I am scared. Its going to be BRUTAL.
i agree..should be crazy...
I have been watching the episodes over the weekend and looking forward to seeing which character will be leaving the show. Any guesses, Mike?
Oct 23 at 1:29pm
Rumor is there will be 2 deaths....odds on favorites are Glen, Abe, Maggie, Sasha, Rosita. From everything I have read and my deductions, it will be Abe & Glen.
Oct 23 at 8:08pm
i think glen for sure and maybe sasha
Oct 23 at 3:18pm
I can't wait....I don't want anyone to die, but I am afraid Glenn is one of them. I don't want Abraham to die...his comments and remarks are he is HOT! haha


Oct 22 at 8:31am
Updated profile.


Shared publicly - Oct 21 at 7:25pm
One more...Stamos and Glen Powell from Scream Queens
Glen Powell is hot.
No wonder Dick's is still in business...
Boo Hiss, Individual shower stalls in the gym? Line them up and soap them up. So be it that the wieners swell up.
Its not a gym...the show is set in a hospital.
That explains it. Those are unisex Federal Mandated Politically Correct standard showers.

Although, you can get two to three men in the single shower. HHummmm.....

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Oct 19 at 11:23pm
I heard you weren't feeling well... would you like me to cum over and take your temperature? :)


Oct 16 at 6:55am
Wishing you a beautiful Sunday. May it be filled with sexy thoughts, hugs, and no thinking about Monday.


Oct 8 at 8:57am
Hey you big sexy stud!! Thanks for stopping by again, always pleasure when you do. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Sep 29 at 9:27am
Thanks yenal for the amazing ur cock pic and butt :-) thats why u always makes me smile ahihihi mwhhhh mwahhhh


Sep 24 at 7:56am
Thanx for the likes?


Sep 23 at 9:21am
just felt the need to say hello


Sep 23 at 2:23am
Thanx for stopping by sexy!!!


Sep 20 at 10:31am
Hope your enjoying these last few days of Summer and as we approach Autumn you can still get outside and enjoy some sucking and fucking in the good old outdoors... till Winter sets in... but then again when did the cold ever stop a horny man :)


Sep 17 at 9:43am


Sep 14 at 9:44am
i need a hug can you help me out?