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Shared publicly - Aug 28 at 7:50am

Sweet Cumshot

4m 56s long
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man was I over due, nice load I love my own cum


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Jakol sa Tindahan

2m 47s long
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Just a little play at our sari-sari store. Hope you like it! ;)


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 11:47pm

Big Load

3m 22s long
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horny last night decided to have a wank and shot a big load


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 4:16pm

In the doorway

1m 45s long
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Just fooling around before a shower again getting horny


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2m 5s long
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After 4 blode twinks fuck my throat and ass cunt two at a time this niht they used my black hungry cunt and invite BIG DUDES with BIG MUSCULAR ARMSCOCKS and they kept this PUSSY LOOSE...


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 7:12pm


2m 41s long
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Wanking outdoors...


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 6:30pm

David fucking a trick

3m 39s long
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We had a trick come over and this is David dropping his in his ass


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 5:32pm

Fucking myself with a dildo - I shoot...

3m 29s long
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This is me jacking off and fucking myself while I think about my sexy buddy. He's going to fuck me soon, so I'm getting ready. Can't wait. Plan on filming it ...


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 9:15am

like my foreskin?

1m 31s long
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just playing with foreskin docking anyone?


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Daddy dumped in so hard...

5m 0s long
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He pumped so good..


Shared publicly - Aug 25 at 2:08pm

Sucking gwmeastharlem

5m 0s long
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sucking his juicy cock before he nuts all over my face


Shared publicly - Aug 25 at 10:56am


2m 19s long
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was horny this morning hope you enjoy


Shared publicly - Aug 25 at 3:51am

Jack off

1m 1s long
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Love to jack at shower room....pls help me....suck me more...


Shared publicly - Aug 25 at 1:27am

Fuck ganern

1m 5s long
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Exercising my extra judicial fucking ;)


Shared publicly - Aug 24 at 10:31pm

Public Car Masturbation

4m 8s long
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Jerked off in my car today out in public. almost got caught a few times


Shared publicly - Aug 24 at 8:14pm

feel so gooood

1m 27s long
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me taking this big dildo


Shared publicly - Aug 24 at 7:00pm

Getting sucked off

2m 24s long
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Met up with some trade in Pittsburgh and got a much needed blowjob


Shared publicly - Aug 24 at 11:01am

Sex after X

3m 10s long
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Lost video I made after I broke up with my X... needed to have some software installed so I had to clean before I send my laptop to the technician and found a folder that no matter what I did to...


Shared publicly - Aug 24 at 12:12am

It's Party Time

3m 31s long
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Me and the Hubby went to a friends party and there was 7 of us there and the next thing I know all the clothes came off, so I played around with one of the guys while the other guys were playing...


Shared publicly - Aug 23 at 11:34am

Good Morning fuck!!! Part3

1m 26s long
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My friend emailed me this morning that he was out of work early and that he wanted to fuck me so of course me being a good friend I went over to his house and got some good dick!!!!