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gwapong chupaero

1m 34s long
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restroom blowjob


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A bear of a morning ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 

1m 1s long
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Cuddling up with my bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  enjoying some sweet rubbing.


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Shoot My Load

1m 47s long
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i think its only 3 days before i jerk it. when i shoot my cum. it shoot on my phone. hope you enjoy


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Me jacking off


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2nd time breeding xtube fan

7m 23s long
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he text me saying that he is horny n need a load inside him, so here i cum ^o^


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2m 42s long
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3m 12s long
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Dejando a este delicioso flaquito que deguste un rato mi verga antes de dejársela ir por su rico culito.


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While my husband was on a business trip

2m 42s long
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My husbear was away in a business trip so I had to take the toys out of some fun. I need dick everyday.


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fuck by p.r friend

1m 42s long
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A fuckin seaman fucked me.


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playing with my friend

1m 8s long
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Fucking his tight ass


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Frontward Fleshlight 2

3m 57s long
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just playing with fleshlight in frontyard


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oops try again

1m 15s long
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just playing, it's so relaxing


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humping the pillow

1m 45s long
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I was so up dat day that the pillow had to see its last


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Morning jack off

1m 44s long
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Had to release a quick one then off to work


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Fn times with 2 Hung Daddies

3m 0s long
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after getting pounded really hard i needed to drip all the cum out my insatiable ass


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Solo Jerk for Bear Week Pride

6m 18s long
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During TBRU 2015 - needed to unload some extra furry energy /grin


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quick jerk off

1m 18s long
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quick jack off


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quick j.o.

1m 24s long
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watched porn and decided to release


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1m 45s long
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Sunday morning jerk with cum

1m 18s long
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No one else awake, I was horny and had to shoot a load.