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Session with Louie 7/30/15

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Luv fucking him


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getting close to cumming


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Solo session

3m 22s long
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Sometimes a guy just has to take matters into his own hands.


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aunque en esta posicion le es dolorosa trata de complaserme asi que soi algo cuidadoso con mis embestidas para que sienta rico.


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Monster cock

9m 39s long
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Sucking big cock.


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me getting a good fucking and he...

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Just enjoy having fun sex giving and getting oral and anal.


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Blue brief jock

10m 42s long
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Just bought it a half hour before this dude came to pound me


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Horny teaser

2m 22s long
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Horny horny horny


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Wednesday night Jack

1m 41s long
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Wednesday night Jack


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first jerk off video

2m 9s long
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Playing with the vibrating toy today

1m 37s long
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Haven't posted in a while. Not a very big cum shot like usual.


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Lonely at an outdoor gloryhole!

1m 38s long
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Hope it is not messed up or upside down! Silly iPhone! Was at an outdoor gloryhole alone and was messing around. Don't worry, later on I wasn't lonely! Hehe!


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Teaching An 18 Year Old Virgin To Fuck

3m 4s long
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As I'm being flooded with messages inviting me to fuck here on LO every single day, there was this one message which stood out. It was from this 18 year old discreet guy who said that he never had...


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more stroking

1m 5s long
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still stroking my hard cock


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2m 41s long
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you can heat me up,dont be so hard to get,so you can tease me, dont be hard to get... la la la dont be you can heat me up... dont be a tease yeah yeah yeah..... baby girl.... that way...


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Morning jack

1m 39s long
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Wednesday morning Jack


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Just for fun

3m 33s long
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Trying to be funny


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Horny walk in nature

1m 7s long
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I finally found a new spot to be naked at right by the highway. A bit scary, coz theres a trail there too, and i donĀ“t know how much its being used...


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Quick Suck from a Doormate :-)

1m 40s long
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Im actually going to school that moment. He said his alone... then I agree to had a quick sucking session. First time to play with him. He was really good that is why I moaned a lot hehehe


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Need jerk off buddy. Tara.