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I love teasing. Makes me so horny so let your fantasy do the work. No cock or cum!


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Chocolate in your face

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What you gone do with it??


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Raw Bare

5m 19s long
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Late upload last few months ago. He went to finger my asshole and hard fucked when I got to my tight hole. No cuminside. Be Safe! We have been met four times as good friend. :)


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Bathroom jack

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Jacking off in the bathroom.


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One more time

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Check out my technique


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una cogida no muy fuerte a este flaquito esta posicion le es muy dolorosa.


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Rob and I 7/5/2015

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me blowing Rob's huge cock


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stroking my cock


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Patio fun

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there is nothing more fun than getting fucked on the same table every time Daddy comes to town


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dildo fuck

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Playing with my new toy


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08 re post

1m 8s long
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Jacking off

1m 36s long
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Was staying at a friend's place and got horny. Took matters into my own hands.


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TOP Performe Me - Part 1

4m 57s long
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Top Performer Me - Part 1 Sucking, Foreplay, Rimming, etc LOL


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stroking hard cock and cum

1m 18s long
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stroking my hard cock


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Morning Jerk

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This is usually how I start my day


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Jerking Off

1m 53s long
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Blowing off Steam


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Getting it on

13m 53s long
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Bits from a play session in 2012. A beautiful bottom. Heavy crotch worship (first 1/3 of video) which I dig. Admittedly long and slow at times, but definitely worth it for me ;-) No money shot.


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TOP Performer Me - Part 2

5m 6s long
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Part 2 - Top Performer #Penetration - Phase 1


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Jerk Off

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Jerking in a hotel room


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DoctorPhillyHeat Stripping naked

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Stripping then surprise!!