suckin nycdaddytop's mighty meat


Shared publicly - Jun 16 2012 at 10:50pm
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what better way for me to celebrate FATHER'S DAY than with a vid of me blowin a hot daddy?!? i fuckin LOVED worshippin this awesome feeder's incredible daddydick during my recent new york trip!! nycdaddytop is a super-nice, hung, hairy and VOCAL fella who let me spend close to an hour with my mouth (and occasionally my throat) stuffed with his veiny, tasty cock - and whether he was sitting, or lying down, or standing up (while he fucked my face), i just could NOT get enough of his hot tool! in fact, even after he fed me his creamy load, i just kept nursing on his softening dick ... THANKS for feeding me, daddy!! ;-) ... enjoy, guys! ratings and cumments, as always, are MUCH appreciated!! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY PROFILE FOR MY LATEST TRAVEL UPDATES!