"Say Something"


Shared publicly - Nov 25 2020 at 11:50am
This is one of my favorite songs. When this song came out, I was going in a toxic relationship w/ my ex bf of 7 years. He lied and cheated and was just horrible to me. As I drove all over the country in my semi truck, this song would come on the radio and I'd start bawling, EVERYTIME. I gave and gave and gave and all I wanted for him to SAY SOMETHING, because I was always "giving up on him," and eventually I had to just walk away and never look back. I sang this song on an app and had to record it as I watched it back, so I m sorry for the poor quality. I wasn't able to control the "effect" so it does sound a bit OPERA 'ish hahahh...... I hadn't quite figured out how the app worked yet.