Long Hair/Short Hair


Shared publicly - Oct 20 2020 at 3:20pm
Quite a few years back I had grown my hair out long. Personally, I love long hair on a hot guy so figured I'd give it a try. It was quite odd the responses I got from ppl about it everything from, "are you trying to be a girl," to "i'd have sex w you if you cut your hair off." YES i was quite interesting BUT i liked it so i could care less what anyone else thought. 7 years ago i turned 40 and 3 days after my birthday I cut it all off.. Looking back I wish i had kept it a few more years. I d love to grow it again, but alas 7 years later, i would NOT be able to grow it full and thick as I would like.... Maybe I'll invest in a very expense wig someday and just rock long hair whenever i feel like it. This video slideshow is just the period w long hair and the year, 2013 after cutting it all off. I also lost a bunch of weight after cutting it off so i look quite different with the short hair for sure.