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Shared publicly - Nov 3 2012 at 6:15pm

Daddy Fucks his Boy Bareback

7m 5s long
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Daddy fucks his boy Halceon bareback...going deep and having fun! Enjoy, guys...I have the cum shot that came later. Keep coming back and I'll upload it eventually ;-)


Shared publicly - Jun 23 2009 at 7:27am

Sucking afternoon

5m 35s long
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My buddy invited me for afternoon fun


Shared publicly - Aug 11 2008 at 6:27pm


2m 55s long
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Me. Jacking off. Cumshot. Pretty much it.


Shared publicly - Dec 27 2012 at 2:18pm

Split bare

3m 15s long
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Watch me bareback fuck my friend deep and bare.


Shared publicly - Jun 29 2013 at 11:33pm


2m 53s long
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Happen to visit his facebook and i learned that hes into same sex. I got his number and arranged to meet. Then this what happened...


Shared publicly - May 2 2013 at 9:13pm

Something for everyone

3m 29s long
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Shared publicly - Aug 31 2008 at 1:01pm

My Cum Bump

3m 0s long
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A fuck boi


Shared publicly - Dec 13 2010 at 10:01pm

Our 3some

16m 47s long
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3 of use having some fun


Shared publicly - May 29 2009 at 2:53pm

9 Uncut thick bareback daddy breeding...

1m 12s long
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Donkey dick daddy breeding my hole. It was MADD hott!!!!


Shared publicly - Sep 20 2008 at 6:57am

after lunch....

2m 1s long
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decided very late to have a quick sex after lunch...


Shared publicly - Aug 12 2010 at 9:24am

Married Blowjob 2

3m 44s long
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i guess he liked it the first time


Shared publicly - Dec 5 2007 at 12:08am

sex in the bed

2m 17s long
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I aways view vids here so I thought I should contribute anal


Shared publicly - Oct 16 2011 at 7:19pm

Sometimes We Flip

1m 22s long
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All my videos have been of me breeding my asian friend. After I've loaded him up, he usually likes to return the favor. Thought I would share a video that combines a few of his loads. He's a big...


Shared publicly - Nov 18 2010 at 11:14pm

what a boy wants from daddy

5m 46s long
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this lean young buck came a week ago for first time. laid him on bed prone and mounted his back, rubbered my erection and proceeded to sodomize his hairy buckhole. today I put him on the bench to...


Shared publicly - May 1 2009 at 5:44am

jerk off buddies

27m 50s long
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for your enjoyment!


Shared publicly - Oct 20 2012 at 4:43pm

Fucked by sir

14m 25s long
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damn it was good


Shared publicly - Aug 22 2013 at 7:27pm

Aug 19 Threesome

2m 35s long
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2 bottoms and a top.


Shared publicly - Jun 20 2009 at 2:51am

my raw dick in a sexy hole

1m 59s long
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homemade porn of me fingering & bareback fucking a hot guy with a sweet hole


Shared publicly - Aug 18 2010 at 12:33pm

fuck bareback-mexican boy spanish guy

2m 5s long
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fuck bareback- i love cum


Shared publicly - Apr 15 2008 at 2:12am

Highlights from a fun session

1m 40s long
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I dig messin around on camera...and dig even more y'all seeing 'em... and love that young studs always wanna get in front of the camera with me ... wanna see me? 1pm on 4/25/08 the whole hour can...