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Fun night. (Cebu anyone??)

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No cum.


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Taste like Candy

1m 6s long
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Bored and playing around..... And yes I do clean myself before doing things like this. I'm not dirty like some others #noshade


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Giving head in KY

5m 26s long
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sucking a good buddy off, anyone in central and eastern KY, message me and i will service you


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New Year Bang

2m 20s long
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What better way to start the year 2015 than to do a BIG BANG. More fuck and banging this year!


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Fuckin my Boi

1m 51s long
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Fucked my 20 year old blond Boi and had the most intense full body orgasm ever. Then fucked him until he cummed


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Jacking off

3m 2s long
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Just me doing what I like to do...


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Pinoy Fucker 2

5m 24s long
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New Year's Day celebration. Who wants next?


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me playing with myself

1m 26s long
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watch me as I ram my ass with my sex toy .


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taking a shower

2m 37s long
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ass playing

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horny as hell tonite so i playin my tight ass


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Pounding My Partner

1m 6s long
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It was a very horny Friday Night


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jerk off

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Felt better


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Taking a good friends load

1m 10s long
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Love this guys big cock and load


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5m 16s long
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One Fleshjack Fuck

6m 4s long
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i made this video to watch on how to fuck a fleshjack. is it hot or not?


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Shower Fuck

7m 1s long
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happy new years


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Im receiving a lot of requests to...

2m 13s long
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For the guys who requested... Enjoy


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Beating off


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Banging a skinny bottom

1m 26s long
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Banging a skinny bottom