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Me Jerking my cock

1m 16s long
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Me jerking my cock


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A Very Good Night

13m 35s long
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OK - so you guys liked the stills and wanted to see more. So.... here is some of the video of A Very Good Night.


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It's been awhile

4m 58s long
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Heavenly touch.. Sorry it has no sound. Enjoy!


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eatin my own

1m 30s long
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jerkin and eatin my own cum


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morning wood

2m 16s long
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woke up so horny


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Hot morning

3m 55s long
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Big load of juice


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Getting off before lunch...


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Just a little something

1m 20s long
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Jerkin & Cummin


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Jakol PA more!

5m 50s long
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Asi! Me gusta mi asi! With my Skype jerk off buddy


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holiday jack

1m 43s long
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done at the top of the steps with the rest of the family downstairs. it's a bit dark, and the cumshot can't really been seen. sorry


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Me fucking John

1m 15s long
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John & I had not been able to hook up for a long time so we made the best of it with the time we had. my wife was to be gone a couple hours and his was at work.


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just another relief

1m 40s long
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and my junior told me "please release me". i need some help in my next for those interested.


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Pumping again.

2m 54s long
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Haven't pumped or posted a video .Please enjoy.


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Hotwetspeedo takes a vacation

4m 22s long
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Visiting mom in Hawaii with family gets me antsy; Grindr flakes get me feeling desperate. Things picked up on my third day, thank god!


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Friday the 13th fetish

4m 40s long
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God on Earth seed armpit hairy bushy mi pene grande.


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3m 15s long
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just a jerking


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short one

1m 46s long
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less than 2 minutes. and short load--3rd orgasim of the day.


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Stroke N. Cum

1m 45s long
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Was edging with a cam bud...had to unload.


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Double D flashlight fuck-off

1m 38s long
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Sexy daddy shares his flashlight with me


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2m 33s long
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Yes,another jack off video..They're all the same way,aren't they? Hope you like...