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Getting well deserved service

2m 4s long
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Getting well deserved service and as always he was hungry and loved this dick


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Strip naked

1m 43s long
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bathroom strip session


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Do you want some milk?

1m 31s long
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sunny day... really hot!. Do you want some milk?


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The money shot

1m 6s long
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Random grindr guy comes to get bred. Caught the last minute of the session


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Dildo tease.

1m 22s long
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Sorry no penetration


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First Time Recording & Posting Myself...

2m 27s long
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First Time Recording & Posting Myself Wanking. Getting Hard & Hard Part 2.( Cam Problems So In Three Parts - Part 3 Cum Shot)


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My "Salsal" Video Again...

1m 33s long
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Just to release my juice in the morning...


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3m 33s long
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Just sex...not really fond of gathering good words for enticement...just watch the video


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Taking it off

3m 47s long
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Just stripping naked


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Horny and edging

1m 8s long
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Feeling super horny


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on my own now so ...

1m 29s long
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just early morning relief


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5m 31s long
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Just a quick JO


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Drilling Me part 2

1m 50s long
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this part of the film my friend was fucking the shit out of me. well you can tell by my moaning i was enjoying it


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Drilling Me part 1

1m 39s long
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haven't bottom since last year usually a top but there are times i just want some good dick up my ass and well my friend was more than willingly to help with that. he fucked me relentlessly and it...


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having some chocolate

1m 23s long
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met up with a fuck bud i haven't seen since last year. was in the mood for some chocolate and boy does he have plenty. it tastes real good love to deep throat it


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Riming ... Heaven.

1m 41s long
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He Loves to do it ... and is Very Good at it. He shows you Nerves ... you Never Knew you had. As you can hear from Me ... Absolutely ... Wonderful ... to Experience.


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Football Geared Machine fucked

6m 31s long
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first time trying out football gear - felt and looked REALLY good! - but I sure need a camera man - a LOT to do getting endlessly fucked, milked, AND trying to hold a camera - just doesn't work...


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Sweaty Quickie

5m 48s long
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I'm the bot. The guys invited me over for a quickie in their storage room. FYI: He's going abroad and has done his medical check up including HIV testing, and he's safe. I did my check up last...


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MX geared young man gets machine...

9m 31s long
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young college guy been asking me for a ride for months and finally he comes over for first ride. Gear him and hook him up and orgasm does not take long!


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Jerking off on deoyment

1m 4s long
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Jerking off