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Shared publicly - Jul 27 at 4:14pm

Morning hike in Colorado

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I maybe older, and there are wrinkles, but I still enjoy outdoor fun.


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14m 11s long
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Start's off a little ruff but great cum shot


Shared publicly - Jul 26 at 6:14pm

Birthday toy fun 7-26-16

4m 38s long
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Broke out one of my toys for my birthday today. Too bad not the real thing


Shared publicly - Jul 26 at 9:07am

JO in white tee and sneakers

1m 0s long
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A 98 degree day and a little release in the woods.


Shared publicly - Jul 25 at 11:42pm

First video in a long time

1m 37s long
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A night time wank.


Shared publicly - Jul 25 at 10:08pm

Jerking Again

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Jerking off and cumming again.


Shared publicly - Jul 25 at 9:48pm

"Fun With Precum" (NO cum shot)

2m 15s long
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Here's my preferred way to start off a jacking session or even the whole day.


Shared publicly - Jul 25 at 9:12am

VERY TIGHT Latex geared machine...

7m 12s long
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attending annual MMNG gay men's nudist event just west of KC in my camper or RV - got there a few days early and had to fine SOME ways to keep busy at something. So I rode away for a few hours -...


Shared publicly - Jul 25 at 1:31am

Fuck My Virgin Cock

1m 42s long
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Just me being horny. Ah looking at hot asses on tumblr makes me so horny!!!


Shared publicly - Jul 24 at 10:28pm

Jack off

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I gained weight since the last time. ?


Shared publicly - Jul 24 at 7:45pm

Love fucking this guy!

2m 1s long
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He told me he wanted me to CUM over and I was horny so I came. I don't know how many times I made his ass came but he came without touching his dick three times.


Shared publicly - Jul 24 at 5:39am

Big Nut

1m 17s long
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Just another squirrel trying to get a nut!


Shared publicly - Jul 24 at 3:17am

suck like a total whore

2m 56s long
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and i like it


Shared publicly - Jul 23 at 10:01pm

take it like a good boy

3m 5s long
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me bent over balls deep- taking it like a good boy


Shared publicly - Jul 23 at 9:52pm

Suck it like a good boy

4m 1s long
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name says it all


Shared publicly - Jul 23 at 5:19pm

Morning fun

1m 31s long
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Spur of the moment


Shared publicly - Jul 23 at 4:49pm

Black top dad

1m 41s long
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Black top dad who enjoy fuckin asian ass..


Shared publicly - Jul 23 at 4:31pm

Huge Boner Western Summer 2016!

2m 15s long
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Leave me a message if you liked!!!!!


Shared publicly - Jul 23 at 3:26pm

First upload

1m 14s long
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Third JO for the day. The first two were too short to be uploaded.


Shared publicly - Jul 23 at 11:32am

My Painful Sex Experienced

2m 2s long
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He Nailed it..This straigh guy want to drill my tight ass at first I reject but when I become Horny I invite Him in Public C.R with lights off .if you want to fuck me Just pm Me ;) hope you ll be...