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blk taking REALLY thick white dick

1m 16s long
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quick clip of a REALLY thick dicked buddy banging me. it was our first fuck in years. he is in his mid 60s. stretched me good.


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atlgbm with danthefunguy

1m 6s long
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quick movie of danthefunguy raw fucking the shit out of me. longer videos to cum. he had me hitting high notes cause his big dick hurt so good. loved his big raw white dick in me. rarely get it.


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Interracial BB 3way, black top fucks...

2m 5s long
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Had 3some with my Redneck Slut steady bottom and a former buddy of mine. I'm fucking both of them in this clip. Bottoms took turns filming and loved what they saw. Bred my steady slut at the end....


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Dec 30 interracial 3 some

1m 3s long
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Video of me banging my steady buddy. Another joined us for some oral and discipline at the end.