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    Daddy Getting Sucked...Again!

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    One of my very best boys...a hot Latino who's been sucking and taking my cock for years now. Damn, he's a good cocksucker!


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    Daddy Gags a Boy with his Big Cock

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    You want to be a boy in Daddy's stable? You better be able to suck cock like this boy! Daddy gets VERY verbal when when a boy has skills like this.


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    Daddy flexing

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    Just a simple flex vid. Currently the BIGGEST I've ever been. Love to flex and show off!


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    Worship Fuck CUM!

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    I gave one of my best boys a great birthday present. He worshiped me, and I fucked him all morning and, as you can see, shot a nice load into his cunt and went back in to make sure he was...


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    Daddy Fucks a Big Boy

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    I met this cute BIG BOY here on this site, and he wanted me to fuck him when he came to town. I hope you'll get off as he worships my cock and gets it nice and hard so I can breed him DEEP!


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    Daddy Fucks his Boy Bareback

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    Daddy fucks his boy Halceon bareback...going deep and having fun! Enjoy, guys...I have the cum shot that came later. Keep coming back and I'll upload it eventually ;-)


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    Boy chokes on Daddy's big hard cock

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    More of my boy Halceon servicing and worshiping me. First he gets off on worshiping my muscles and then he sucks my rock hard cock some more...and chokes on it!


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    Boy on his knees services Daddy's...

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    My boy Halceon came to town for his birthday fuck. He started on his knees worshiping and deep throating his Daddy's hard cock.


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    Daddy flexes and strokes

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    No better way to check out a new laptop's video capabilities than flexing my big hairy Daddy muscles and showing off my hard cock ;-)


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    Boy worships Daddy and gets fucked

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    After my boy sucked my big cock and got me horny, I made him worship me in front of a mirror. He did such a good job, I rewarded him well...


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    Daddy gets sucked and face fucks a boy

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    Daddy gives one of his best boys a great birthday gift! First, my boy sucks my underwear and we make out. Then he sucks my big cock and we end up with Daddy giving his boy a hot face fucking!


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    Cumming in a Condom

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    I love sharing my cum, and here's how I do it with guys too far away to fuck...


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    My boy impregnates himself with my cum

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    Here's another vid of my boy, this time impregnating himself with a condom full of my thick fertile cum. I hope you enjoy watching him as much as he enjoyed his Daddy's cum!


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    Daddy's Big Spurting Loads

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    A collection of three of typical loads. I'm you'll enjoy as this hairy muscle daddy strokes his big cock and shoots some big thick loads of hot fertile cum!


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    My boy puts my cum in his pussy

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    This is one of my very special boys. I sent him a condom full of my cum and for a birthday present, he sent me this video. He's looking at a pic of my cock as he plays with my cum and his hole, and...


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    Rubbing out some big loads

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    Love to cum, and love to cum and share! Enjoy this three big loads, and stop back soon for more cum vids...


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    Daddy Flexing

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    Love flexing and bouncing my big furry pecs! And I especially love having guys nurse on these babies...


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    Muscle Daddy Mark trims his furry pecs

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    Every now and then, my pec fur gets out of control and needs some trimming. Watch me trim my furry chest and then flex my huge, hard pecs!