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    Shared publicly - Feb 23 2018 at 3:12am

    Multiple self ruined orgasm

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    An experiment: I try to "survive" 4 weeks (I´m in week 3 at the moment) without a real orgasm. Edging an a ruined orgasm every 5 days. I´m horny every second the whole day.


    Shared publicly - Jan 30 2015 at 7:35am

    Tied cock fucks a tight rubber toy...

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    Normally I wanted to use the asshole but this was a little bit to tight


    Shared publicly - Mar 2 2014 at 5:23am

    Private cumshot compilation

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    Some of my cumshots


    Shared publicly - Mar 21 2011 at 12:11pm

    Huge load on the table

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    Shared publicly - Jan 11 2010 at 2:03am

    a really huge load

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    a really huge load, i think! normally i jerk off daily. i tried how long i can stand without. after 4 days my balls nearly exploded, see the result. someone likes to clean it up?


    Shared publicly - Nov 22 2008 at 2:39pm

    Wanking ends up with 9 spurts of cum

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    Always when I have the fantasy to suck a cock and having a second one in my ass I have to wank like this!


    Shared publicly - Nov 7 2008 at 6:59pm

    Jerking off a really huge load!

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    That´s my daily work. Would like to suck a really horny cock and swallow the cum while doing this!


    Shared publicly - Sep 23 2008 at 1:21am

    Playing with precum ends up in a...

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    Had a very big pressure in may balls. You can see the result. Anyone wants to clean it up?