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dildo fuck

1m 8s long
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Playing with my new toy


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08 re post

1m 8s long
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Jacking off

1m 36s long
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Was staying at a friend's place and got horny. Took matters into my own hands.


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stroking hard cock and cum

1m 18s long
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stroking my hard cock


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Morning Jerk

1m 10s long
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This is usually how I start my day


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Jerking Off

1m 53s long
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Blowing off Steam


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Getting it on

13m 53s long
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Bits from a play session in 2012. A beautiful bottom. Heavy crotch worship (first 1/3 of video) which I dig. Admittedly long and slow at times, but definitely worth it for me ;-) No money shot.


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Jerk Off

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Jerking in a hotel room


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DoctorPhillyHeat Stripping naked

3m 18s long
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Stripping then surprise!!


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Just bored. No cum shot.

1m 25s long
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Bored afternoon!


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argentinian home fuk

1m 8s long
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argentinian bareback


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Short clip of barebacking

1m 11s long
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just a short clip of me fucking a nice tight ass


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Bareback fuck

4m 1s long
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Sorry no cum shot but some decent barebacking going on


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5m 36s long
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Just having a little fun by the fireplace and the flat screen. Sorry - no cumshot!


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A Hot Fuck With A Tattooed Top Guy

1m 51s long
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What to do on a rainy afternoon? A hot sex with a tattooed top guy.


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me sucking my bfs cock

2m 50s long
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I suck off my boyfriend


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good morning

1m 58s long
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hard morning


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My Boss Fucks Me Again

1m 0s long
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Due to insistent public demand, I asked my boss to fuck me again. He's now engaged to be married and he asked me if it's okay if he wears a condom, I told him that I didn't really care as long as...


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Morning Stroke - Part 2: The Cum Shot

1m 22s long
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Just finishing off the precumy start from Part 1.


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Morning Stroke - Part 1: The Precum...

2m 13s long
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Nothing like peeling back the sheets and seeing a precum spot that's already soaked through the trunks. So what's a daddy to do? Use what he finds for some pleasure, of course!