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Shared publicly - Sep 25 at 9:27pm

makin him Cumm

1m 1s long
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Blowing off a bear friend.


Shared publicly - Sep 25 at 2:51pm

Dildo Fun

14m 24s long
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My first time ever using a dildo, hope you enjoy


Shared publicly - Sep 25 at 7:44am

Daddy cumming 9/24/15

1m 9s long
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Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 11:09pm

having fun

1m 21s long
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by myself


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 11:06pm

finishing my self satisfaction

2m 43s long
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finishing the job


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 11:05pm

needing a good fuck

1m 32s long
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satisfying myself


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 11:02pm

fleshlight fun

1m 24s long
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fun with my flesh light


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 10:23pm

The Hooded Moaner Screamer

5m 3s long
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Played with this hot hooded bottom. He moans and at the end when he cums he screams!! My cum shot at the end. Enjoy


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 9:41pm

Car Trip

1m 36s long
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No cumshot.


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 6:32pm

Me Jerking

2m 10s long
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Jerking off


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 3:51pm

Sticky jam

1m 47s long
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Just giving this a shot. My first ever mobile video upload. Enjoy!


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 10:37am

Big cock threesome - guy #1

1m 35s long
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I invite my friend and my fuckbuddy over for a threesome and they pound me good with their big cocks. Both of them are at least 8 or 8.5 and thick.


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 8:14am

Back Alley Truck Fuck

1m 45s long
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Big football bear wanted to fuck in a semi private alley in the back of his truck.


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 5:06am

Shower Time

6m 49s long
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Just taking off the dirty work clothes and getting a shower


Shared publicly - Sep 23 at 9:53pm

It's been awhile... Nothing's...

1m 40s long
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Bored in hawaii. Thought I'd blow a load.


Shared publicly - Sep 23 at 8:37pm

Self service

3m 16s long
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Helper needed.... so fucki'n horny...jacking off with lube is so satisfying.


Shared publicly - Sep 23 at 5:11pm

taking my friends cock!

1m 11s long
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Getting fucked close up!


Shared publicly - Sep 23 at 12:08am

Jacking off

3m 0s long
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Me jacking off... My husband and I live in Montgomery PA and are looking for friends first.. 18-45. No heavies please... Looking to do a train fuck , double penetrate , one of us is looking to...


Shared publicly - Sep 22 at 11:04pm

Close-up Fuck Double Load

2m 28s long
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I had a guy hold the camera up close while filling this hot ass..... twice


Shared publicly - Sep 22 at 12:25pm

here i go again..

3m 29s long
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Cant contain the urge, the result is....