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Shared publicly - Nov 6 at 8:58pm

BearBoxxx with BoyBubbaBB

5m 0s long
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BoyBubbaBB first Porn


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to the woods... and back

3m 45s long
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had a blast in the woods, but still needed to bust a nut at home


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sunday mornin' fun

11m 52s long
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mornin' suck n fuck with sexy young man


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pleasure with dildos

1m 44s long
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fucking with these dildo cocks


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me on btm

4m 27s long
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me on btm


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Petting the serpent

1m 27s long
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Rubbing another out for my fans...:-)


Shared publicly - Nov 5 at 11:02pm

bareback fun

3m 3s long
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Having some bareback fun with a couple of friends


Shared publicly - Nov 5 at 8:56pm

New Toy

1m 52s long
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Just trying out my new toy...


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Jerking Off Again

1m 17s long
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The Usual


Shared publicly - Nov 5 at 10:52am

Jacking off again :-)

3m 32s long
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More fun :-)


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My first video

1m 18s long
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My first video


Shared publicly - Nov 3 at 8:19pm

machine fucked through 501's

4m 40s long
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request from several viewers of my vids - MORE 501's!!! and wore one of my surf shirts. - AND I wanted to try my new CoalShaft toy I was given to put into some vids. I've a few more to edit and...


Shared publicly - Nov 3 at 12:32am

Hot Jackoff

1m 24s long
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Haven't posted in a while, so I thought I would start back with a good one.. watch as I take control and stroke my cock hard...


Shared publicly - Nov 2 at 10:51am

Hot Hole Used

12m 57s long
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I met a horny bi guy that had the perfect hole to rim and fuck for an afternoon.


Shared publicly - Nov 2 at 9:46am

Fucking a bud sideways

3m 30s long
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Short clip of me fucking a good friend sideways and bareback


Shared publicly - Nov 1 at 7:15pm

In the backyard, about to jerk

1m 57s long
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Love jerking on my long curved cock


Shared publicly - Nov 1 at 3:57pm

Bottoming for my old partner

1m 1s long
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Havent bottomed in a while :)


Shared publicly - Nov 1 at 3:47pm


1m 4s long
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Starts and ends with cum


Shared publicly - Oct 31 at 9:26pm

Biggest Loser challenge week 8

9m 14s long
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My final update for the Biggest Loser challenge!!


Shared publicly - Oct 30 at 10:26pm

Morning Stroke

2m 36s long
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Morning nut time