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getting it hard

1m 2s long
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Bareback fuck


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Camo strip

4m 1s long
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thong, camo, shorts, strip, tease, flash, dick


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naked on bed

2m 23s long
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Got my body shaved and it was feeling nice wishing it was some of you guys feeling me up hmmm.. hope you enjoy it


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Smoke and Spray

5m 54s long
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Being a dirty fat pervert smoke-pig and sprayingn some nicotine cum.


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Hotwetspeedo Welcomes Spring

15m 7s long
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When the mood seizes me, with the weather just right, i like puttering about all day and into the night, with the music of Handel, Brahms, Berlioz and their ilk on rotation. at sundown i don't...


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oiling myself up

11m 31s long
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oiling myself up and jerking off


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1m 2s long
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just feeling horny outside


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Alexxis 24

1m 48s long
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Alexxis... Just me and what I do best. :-)


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Can't do one without the other

2m 40s long
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After playing with the hole you have to stroke the pole


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Fun with my toy

1m 11s long
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Oh so good bet the real thing is better


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Me fucking a slut bottom

1m 28s long
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Normally I want to be the one pounded but not this time


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Just playing

1m 11s long
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wearing black thong and playing


Shared publicly - Apr 21 at 11:09pm

Lunch munch

1m 26s long
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Serving up my cock and ass on his kitchen table :-)


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Shaved and Stroking

4m 20s long
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I make naked videos for fun and love any messages of encouragement! They help me make more media. Always looking for videographers/photographers/partners. I have a photoset blog, videos galore,...


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black dick ;)

39m 11s long
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sorry for lighting, and beginning is kinda slow, but wait, he fucks the hell out of me


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suave y rico de perrito

3m 32s long
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por fin aguanto un dogi este hermoso flaquito.


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So Horny

1m 18s long
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Getting good head in a booth

1m 54s long
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Went to an adult store and got sucked dry in a viewing booth.. I knew the guy not some random guy. He loves it..


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Sexy Native Fuck Pt1

8m 28s long
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When I was home I met a super hot guy to rim and fuck, and he gave great head too.


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Someone said, "Go fuck yourself," so...

3m 18s long
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This is my first semi-successful attempt to fuck myself. I'm sure I'll get better at it with practice and help from those who enjoy playing like this. Do you know anyone who would?