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Was overdue

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Needed it


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Friday Cum :)

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This is most likely the best video I've done yet! Watch and I think you'll agree!


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Multiple self ruined orgasm

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An experiment: I try to "survive" 4 weeks (I´m in week 3 at the moment) without a real orgasm. Edging an a ruined orgasm every 5 days. I´m horny every second the whole day.


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voyeurs Welcome

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under my chair you set an watch me yell cuss at LOUSY UNTRAINED TOPS who only care about their nutt an not pleasing the man who worked to allow you inside him..? GET ANOTHER JOB!


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Me and Steelers fan

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Summer fun in 2017


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Dripping to Cumming

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Just as the title says...


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College boy 3rd strike Again

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He chat me on Facebook ask if I was a available so I'll tell her I'm free so we meet again for 3rd time so cool college boy he did not attending her practice graduation hehe he real love my fuck...


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Horny@ my car


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Making my new friend blow his load.


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Home alone 3

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Getting stretched


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Home alone 2

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More riding fun


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Time alone at home #1

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A cock sure feels better


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Doctors visit

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Went for an examination at the doctor's office. About two hours into the check up this happens...


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Birthday week

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Birthday cum!


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College Fuck buddy

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We fuck again


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Both of us cum


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Having fun in Tampa Florida

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Having a great time at the gay bar Bradley's on 7th while we was in Tampa FL for the Gasparilla Gay Softball Classic


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Eating Cum

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Close up of me receiving a seriously creamy load. And boys please support my music, so I can stay creative! Jimmy Console on iTuns, Amazon, Spotify etc. Also here:


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another jerkoff

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at it again


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New FB

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New FB and man can he FUCK!