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Shared publicly - Jul 21 at 8:52pm

Small aggressive DADDY pounds me...

9m 4s long
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Title speaks for itself Lol this was my first vid ever


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Me jerking off

3m 1s long
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Me jerking off


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Birthday Sex is Bare Sex

1m 0s long
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Who want to blow my candle...and he did cum to Big Daddy.


Shared publicly - Jul 21 at 3:58am

Playing with Pump

3m 18s long
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Just playing with a pump and stroking a bit


Shared publicly - Jul 20 at 7:43pm

Just playing around

2m 37s long
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Got horny at the car wash


Shared publicly - Jul 20 at 4:47pm

Afternoon Delight - solo style

4m 57s long
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Just taking a few minutes for a little afternoon stress relief


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married man part2

5m 31s long
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My married man is back. I cant resist his toy. Sorry no cum showed,its inside my mouth.


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Playing my down to earth tool.find our why....


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Good time!!

2m 26s long
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pounded my partner hard!


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BIG, THICK, and always CLEAN!

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After a good BJ you know it was incredible when u jack yourself off again.


Shared publicly - Jul 20 at 12:00am

A little sunday fun

15m 43s long
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Fucking my white boy's Ass


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A Day at the Nude Beach and the...

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After swimming for awhile on a very hot day me and the hubby take a stroll through the woods that's right next to the river and have some fun...


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Me sucking and jacking

4m 37s long
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Blowing a buddy


Shared publicly - Jul 19 at 10:49am


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Despues de un tiempo de darle verga a este chiquito finalmente aguanta unas ricas embestidas este delicioso flaquito.


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SloMotion Cumshot

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Horned up and decided to try slomo camera on phone


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Lotsa sweat and moan. Fuck here, there and everywhere.


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De nuevo le di de mamar a este seƱor casado acepte de nuevo porque la verdad es exelente haciendolo.


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Twink pounds my musclecunt

2m 7s long
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He came over ordered me to put lingerie he brought then pounded me


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Good cock!!!

2m 25s long
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I haven't had any meat in me in about a month and half, but today I got fucked really good!!! Sorry no cumshot.


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Me jacking off at work

2m 33s long
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Decided to have a little jack time in the work bathroom. Felt so good.