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Shared publicly - Jun 27 at 12:01am

Slow Mo Cum

2m 49s long
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Tried slow motion


Shared publicly - Jun 26 at 11:59pm

Car Blow with cum

2m 6s long
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Blowing a long time top friend in my truck. Sorry for the sun in the screen at the end. Hope ypu enjoy. I've only done this a few times but eager to try more.


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JO No Cum Yet

1m 1s long
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Shaved and decided to JO


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Jerking to a hot fucker

1m 32s long
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At I found a great big cock fella from Louisiana under the edging tag. Monster cock


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Kremabanana002: mornin jerkin

2m 0s long
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A horny morning


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Ball slapping bareback

14m 14s long
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Have some ball slapping fun with my bud


Shared publicly - Jun 26 at 6:14pm

Just me

4m 21s long
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Having some fun.


Shared publicly - Jun 26 at 6:11pm

Sling flip-flop

1m 35s long
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Mature gay guy being F and S and S on the sling.


Shared publicly - Jun 26 at 5:46pm

KremabananaPh001: jerkin

4m 21s long
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A horny afternoon


Shared publicly - Jun 25 at 3:29pm

Big Dick Chocolate Stroke.

4m 34s long
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I am an intense slow stoker just the way I like to be sucked.


Shared publicly - Jun 25 at 12:58pm

Striptease Compilation.

1m 56s long
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Some clips of striptease videos I used to send to a guy I was dating distance. He really got into them. I hope you do too.


Shared publicly - Jun 25 at 12:50pm

Jerking off

3m 4s long
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Sunday funday


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My new Fuck buddy

2m 23s long
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My new Saturday fuck session. We sucked and fucked for 3 hrs.


Shared publicly - Jun 25 at 9:02am

Who Wants To Shower With Me?

1m 11s long
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In shower, soaping up my cock, and then drying off.... Anyone want to lend a hand?


Shared publicly - Jun 25 at 8:55am

sexy fat BBC

12m 39s long
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hot fuck from sexy fat BBC ... session cut short and a little editing here as he made me bleed!


Shared publicly - Jun 25 at 4:34am

Glory hole fun

1m 14s long
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My neighbor is in the process of building a gh, so I gave it a test run... it was my first time at a gh ?? shhhhhhh!


Shared publicly - Jun 25 at 2:33am

Shower with JO *no cum*

1m 51s long
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Twitter @justleebog


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Cum dump bottom

1m 16s long
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Pride fun. Added another load to a juicy ass. Afterwards his ass was dripping. Sorry lighting was bad


Shared publicly - Jun 24 at 9:43pm

new toy

3m 2s long
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i'm trying out my new real skin dildo


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Submissive slut dominated by big dick.

17m 26s long
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Riding a big cock after a rough facefuck. Then I go ass to mouth ATM. It's out first attempt at a fixed camera angle. It turned out pretty good but a camera man would be awesome.