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Dorm Jack-Off

1m 22s long
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First Vid


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Hot Stuff!

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Watch the way he uses a lollipop and cums on him self. Just have a towel handy.


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me alone


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me on the cam

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i was horny


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18 yo Kyle

3m 34s long
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18 year old Kyle takes a break from studying and whacks off in his dorm room. You can chat with Kyle and watch him liive on his webcam at


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...uhmmm perhaps another one?


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A cute 18yrs old Afghanistan Boy...

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Young Afghanistan boy nice and his st8yt....


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sucking a bud pt 1

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Me sucking my bud's cock. Comments/messages welcome!


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Not 1 but 2 Cum shots

2m 51s long
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Friend sent me this video of a hot guy cumming twice


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morning jerking

5m 22s long
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My friend breakfast...morning jerking wearing BENCH underwear.hope you like it.


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me wanking

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me shooting my spunk


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Jakulan Time

2m 39s long
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Hehehe... Wala ako magawa medyo horny kaya enjoy... wanted jack off buddy... 09233067553


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mixed clip

4m 29s long
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young guys


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hard dick!!

1m 11s long
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later of a big suck i made this guy cum so much check!!


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horny sailor jacks off

4m 28s long
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my hot roommate jacking off for/to his girlfriend


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Fucking a twink

2m 41s long
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Title says it all


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Jerk off cum on chest

3m 15s long
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I've received A LOT of requests for another video, so here it is. Title says it all


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Shootin High on Video!!

1m 35s long
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OK, so here's the challenge: Post your own AMATEUR video showing how high you can shoot. My entry won't win, but it at least shows you the idea. Four pics in my gallery are from this video--you...


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It's my favorite, will it be yours?

3m 2s long
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Hot Amateur Webcam Boy wanking, working his hole, and cumming just for you, I came 2mins 3secs into it. How long will it take you. Keep the votes a cumming, and I will post more.