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Extended Neck

1m 20s long
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This slut hot guy does crazy position just to give head.


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Sexy Dance mmm

3m 25s long
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Just me doing one of my favorite things...


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2m 2s long
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Mouth fuck

1m 0s long
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Mouth fuck with my regular fubu


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me rub my body woth sexy soungs play on my pc


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Like, Comment and Suggestions :) Have Fun!!


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Testing out the new restraint kink. :)

4m 52s long
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Me fucking my man while he's strapped Up with the restraints. Let me know what you think


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Bed Time

1m 41s long
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Need to release my 2 days cum


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Anon bottom

1m 10s long
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Sorry no cum shot but better lighting than last time


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spraying cum

1m 3s long
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With Echo buried deep inside me, I sprayed cum all over the floor.


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thick eight inches deep

1m 42s long
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8 1/2 inches deep and thicker than my wrist. I've taken guys this big...too bad the toys can't cum.


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4m 25s long
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Like, Comment and Suggestions :) Have Fun!!


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camera testing

2m 55s long
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No action - just frontal flashing. Testing the ISO and settings. I know the camera works :D


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4m 34s long
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Getting hard


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In the woods part 2

1m 24s long
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Blowjob of a good curved dick


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Between the woods

1m 11s long
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Me and a Boy I met on Manhunt in a sunny afternoon


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Taking a shower

1m 11s long
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Horny in the water


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Twink play

2m 45s long
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Dressed up and toying myself from years ago. Little oral at the end.


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Fucking Clayton

4m 41s long
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XL Clayton from Bad Dragon! Been a while since I took him for a ride - I can take him so much easier now.


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Asian twink bred in my office

1m 4s long
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First meeting - so getting to know one another. Sorry no climax - we both were cumming at the same time and damn hard to hold up the stupid cell phone!