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Cum in Public Toilet

2m 41s long
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Too horny and cum in public toilet


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Pucker in slow-mo

2m 9s long
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Me puckering my boy hole in slow motion ;)


Shared publicly - Oct 22 at 1:14pm

Fucking this young handsome bottom

3m 8s long
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I was in MOA Arena watching UAAP game when this young, twink, handsome guy from the competing school stared at me many times. I caught him many times looking at me until I went to the comfort him...


Shared publicly - Oct 15 at 11:49am

My friend fucking me

1m 12s long
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My FWB fucking me hard and cumming


Shared publicly - Oct 13 at 5:02pm

Living room blow out

9m 51s long
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Just me and him having random fun


Shared publicly - Sep 30 at 10:48am

Siquijor Summer 2015

1m 9s long
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They're beachin' and I'm jackin'


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Thirsty Twink

3m 20s long
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He was begging for my juices. So I made him work for it.


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Str8boy Jordan, JD and Me

3m 42s long
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19 yr old Jordan learns to deep throught and gets spit roasted


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Fucking a hungry boy

2m 5s long
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He bumped my at the mall's CR in Cebu City, and then he apologized. Then he was so friendly and even brought both of us into this...


Shared publicly - Aug 29 at 1:17am

just a teaser

6m 28s long
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a trailer of vids to come


Shared publicly - Aug 22 at 7:03pm

dildo play

2m 17s long
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wanking whilst fucking myself with a big black dildo


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Drunk Fucked By My Cousin's Classmate

1m 11s long
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Here I am being drunk fucked by one of my cousin's classmates after being invited over for a drinking session. We used a low-end phone to record this so I apologize for the quality of the video. I...


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Quickie slow mo jerk

1m 58s long
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Quick jerk off in slow mo...


Shared publicly - Aug 12 at 5:10am

Cummin on his ass

1m 26s long
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After i fucked a twink i came on his asshole while jacking him off. Sorry for the video quality, i just used the front camera of my ipad.


Shared publicly - Aug 8 at 7:27pm

My fuck buddy

3m 36s long
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Hard and smooth fucked. Sorry no cuminside. Be safe sex . Do not practice and risk bareback. :)


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me and my pink friend

1m 33s long
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This is me having fun with my dildo.


Shared publicly - Aug 2 at 8:53am

My first JO tho.

1m 47s long
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Looking around at LO until see those fucking vid that makes me horny so I vid myself while JO.


Shared publicly - Jul 25 at 11:18pm

boring sunday

2m 46s long
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2nd cum after 6days no j.o


Shared publicly - Jul 20 at 3:53am


8m 37s long
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Playing my down to earth tool.find our why....


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Twink pounds my musclecunt

2m 7s long
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He came over ordered me to put lingerie he brought then pounded me