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Me fucking a twink

2m 36s long
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Fucked a 21 year twink Friday night for 3 hours. Here is a sample ?


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Me sucking to 18/year old

1m 2s long
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Was on grinder when this sexy 18/ year old asked if I wanted a blow job after he sucked me I sucked him . let me know how I did.


Shared publicly - Aug 30 at 6:52pm

Just for fun...

1m 26s long
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My buddie


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Flopping my Cock

1m 27s long
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Flopping my cock about always turns me on


Shared publicly - Aug 21 at 10:11am

You Like That?

3m 15s long
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Me being horny


Shared publicly - Aug 15 at 8:37pm

TWO Minutes (After one hour)

2m 1s long
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Come Play

1m 21s long
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I need someone to come and with my ass, it needs some attention ;)


Shared publicly - Aug 3 at 12:52am

Jerking For You

4m 54s long
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Jerking it for our pleasure


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1m 50s long
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I like to tease on snapchat. ;)


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Food fun with my boy.....

6m 58s long
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Just having fun with whip cream


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Boi meets Boy

1m 22s long
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When boi meets boy, will you ask for more?


Shared publicly - Jun 21 at 2:55am

Richie road head

1m 12s long
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Finally got another video with Richie he's in a few of them on here. I picked him up from work and let him drive well I gave him head. It was the 1st time he's ever gotten road head and boy did he...


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fuckin' cute chub

2m 4s long
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Cute chub... Damn, love to fuck his clean hole!!! (round 2)


Shared publicly - Jun 12 at 5:41am

goodnight 1

1m 47s long
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Me fucking a friend

1m 9s long
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A friend came over and let me fuck him. Sorry for the poor lighting.. I will hopefully do better next time..


Shared publicly - May 31 at 5:18am

Dildo Time

2m 7s long
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When the only thing that makes me happy is my Dildo. Any hot muscular tops out there? PM me


Shared publicly - May 13 at 11:49am

10" Dildo

1m 6s long
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One Bf gave me once this toy, I could took all but no in this video. however I did a good job fucking myself with it on camera. Enjoy! Cumshot included


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2 Hours of Hard Work

1m 8s long
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A nice, cool Spring day. This is the result of a good, hard effort. Note the use of 'cool' on my balls being nice and tight. The lighting is poor once again, and the ending has some static... I...


Shared publicly - May 5 at 10:17pm

Cum & Hole

1m 3s long
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Again had to join to videos. One masturbating and cumming thick (as usual) and another one just showing my dick and close up to my hole... Enjoy


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Cum, Cock and Hole

5m 5s long
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As you requested I show you my hole