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Shared publicly - May 6 at 1:29pm

jacking in bathroom

4m 14s long
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stroking my big dick and playing with my go pro camera


Shared publicly - May 6 at 1:16pm

Cum in new biking shorts

1m 6s long
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JO and cum in new shorts. Semi-hard


Shared publicly - May 6 at 1:14pm

Slow mo in biking shorts

1m 54s long
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Just messing around in new biking shorts


Shared publicly - May 6 at 12:53pm

Stroke in bed

2m 52s long
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got really horny so i started watching some porn and shoot my load


Shared publicly - May 5 at 11:24pm

Hope you fellas enjoy!

6m 41s long
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Thought I might as well make a video for you fellas! Enjoy!


Shared publicly - May 5 at 2:14pm

Our 1st time part 1

11m 0s long
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Just have been chatting with this hot boy for awhile we finally met up... Hot yummy


Shared publicly - May 5 at 6:08am

Strip Tease

3m 34s long
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Black and Maroon Woven Cottin Loose Boxers


Shared publicly - May 2 at 2:35pm

after class bate

15m 17s long
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just enjoying an after class bate session


Shared publicly - May 1 at 11:30pm

Friday night JO

1m 46s long
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Daddy jacking off with a big reward


Shared publicly - Apr 29 at 7:41am

big eruptions

1m 7s long
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Some intense finishes


Shared publicly - Apr 28 at 3:01pm

Monday Funday View 1 (Frontal)

3m 55s long
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This is the front view of my latest work. It shot all over the place. The computer screen, keyboard, leg, and even pass the laptop alil. Hope you guy enjoy and check out view two where you see how...


Shared publicly - Apr 27 at 3:03am

Soft to Hard Tease in Boxers

2m 17s long
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First vid. Me playing in boxers, getting hard, dick slips and teasing


Shared publicly - Apr 27 at 12:59am

Drunk straight guy breeding me

2m 59s long
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This guy answer and ad I placed on Craiglist for bareback tops. He fucked me for a good 30 minutes but I only got to record this last 2 minutes. He didn't care I was recording. He was so hot and...


Shared publicly - Apr 27 at 12:07am

Fucking Myself

1m 33s long
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Can't find a guy to do the job so I'll do it myself. Filmed a little of me fuckig myself with my dildo. Was pretty good


Shared publicly - Apr 23 at 2:52pm

Camo strip

4m 1s long
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thong, camo, shorts, strip, tease, flash, dick


Shared publicly - Apr 22 at 3:21am

Just playing

1m 11s long
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wearing black thong and playing


Shared publicly - Apr 21 at 11:09pm

Lunch munch

1m 26s long
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Serving up my cock and ass on his kitchen table :-)


Shared publicly - Apr 20 at 1:59am


3m 17s long
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just stroking my boner


Shared publicly - Apr 18 at 7:11pm

Redo of Something Fun

1m 54s long
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Got alil horny when a buddy of mine sent me a video of him bating!! So I decided to make a video for him! It turned into 2 parts. Part 1 - Barefoot and pre-cumming and part 2 playing with my little...


Shared publicly - Apr 18 at 11:02am

Blue Jock Silver Cock Ring

3m 33s long
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Here is a vid of my jacking off in my new 2Eros Blue Jock.. Was so fucking hard and horny.. No cum though