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Shared publicly - Aug 29 at 6:09pm

Monday Morning Mischief

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Just a horny morning with precum flowing freely while wearing the new Jockey 'air' trunks.


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 4:16pm

In the doorway

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Just fooling around before a shower again getting horny


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 9:15am

like my foreskin?

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just playing with foreskin docking anyone?


Shared publicly - Aug 24 at 11:01am

Sex after X

3m 10s long
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Lost video I made after I broke up with my X... needed to have some software installed so I had to clean before I send my laptop to the technician and found a folder that no matter what I did to...


Shared publicly - Aug 21 at 5:10pm

Enjoying myself today

1m 10s long
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Enjoyed filming my cock in the shop


Shared publicly - Aug 19 at 2:27am

Pharmacist 1

5m 46s long
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Fun night with a pharmacist! (REUPLOAD)


Shared publicly - Aug 18 at 2:16pm

Cum in my mouth

3m 14s long
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This bisexual stud asked me to come over to his place in the afternoon. He was a little nervous about me filming while being sucked off by a guy, but was happy when I swallowed his cum. I was...


Shared publicly - Aug 15 at 1:28pm

Watching all you sexy men here

2m 18s long
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ive already cunm 3 times but video's here just keeps me going


Shared publicly - Aug 15 at 2:56am

It's not just for shaving anymore

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Was hanging with my buddy partying and he tossed me a can of shaving cream, what else was I supposed to do with it?


Shared publicly - Aug 8 at 10:04pm

Late night

1m 17s long
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waking up horny when your alone but i've got things in hand


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Hot Summer Night Jerkoff

3m 16s long
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Love to get naked outdoors on a hot night and have some fun.


Shared publicly - Aug 5 at 4:42am

Cum Shot Compilation

3m 10s long
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A small video i made with my phone and its a few cum shots of me. I hope you guys like it and feel free to give me some feedback! I had to choose music with it so feel free to mute it if you want!...


Shared publicly - Aug 4 at 7:30pm

Under the computer light

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Just having a little fun in my room, illuminated by my computer light.


Shared publicly - Aug 3 at 7:01am

A morning wank

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Good morning Woody!


Shared publicly - Aug 3 at 12:36am

Bored and horny

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Late night playing


Shared publicly - Aug 2 at 5:06am

Chicago Fucks Atlanta

6m 36s long
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Horned dude goes to Chicago to get fucked... Chi Zac fucks Ryan ATL


Shared publicly - Jul 31 at 11:20am

Getting my cock sucked

1m 12s long
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Shared publicly - Jul 27 at 6:27pm

En el jardín

1m 11s long
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Donde sembré tantas noches de ternura


Shared publicly - Jul 27 at 4:14pm

Morning hike in Colorado

2m 14s long
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I maybe older, and there are wrinkles, but I still enjoy outdoor fun.


Shared publicly - Jul 26 at 6:14pm

Birthday toy fun 7-26-16

4m 38s long
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Broke out one of my toys for my birthday today. Too bad not the real thing