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Shared publicly - Feb 11 at 11:55pm

jerk off time

1m 29s long
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One horny afternoon


Shared publicly - Feb 11 at 9:12am

Undressed (X-Rated Music Video

4m 37s long
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My most commercial song, and a nice amateur cam video mix to go with it.


Shared publicly - Feb 11 at 8:41am

Daddy got fucked

3m 21s long
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Had a bud over and he had already blown one load up my ass. After playing around on the bed for a quite a while, I got in the sling. Was so horned out I came pretty quick, then he filled my hole...


Shared publicly - Feb 10 at 3:45pm

Me cumming (slo-mo)

1m 23s long
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Just a typical cumshot ;) Enjoy.


Shared publicly - Feb 10 at 12:01pm

Loading him up anonymously :)

6m 18s long
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Met this guy a while ago. He was waiting for me on the bed, on all fours with his hole lubed. I walked in, stripped off and filled his ass with my cum. He doesn't even know who I am lol


Shared publicly - Feb 10 at 11:11am

Vibrator fun

1m 6s long
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Putting small vibrator in my cock


Shared publicly - Feb 9 at 11:27am

Penis plug

1m 5s long
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Hot fb playing with my cock


Shared publicly - Feb 9 at 2:03am

Jerk off at the airport.

4m 2s long
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I was horny and couldn't find any sucker so decided to milk one out ;)


Shared publicly - Feb 9 at 12:04am

Gentle ass play

2m 54s long
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One of my 1st videos...just thought I'd repost it


Shared publicly - Feb 4 at 1:49am

Playing in my exposed jeans for a bit.

1m 12s long
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Playing in my cut off exposed jeans for a bit.


Shared publicly - Jan 29 at 7:04am

Kai's Fashion Show

8m 59s long
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Some fun showing off some sexy wear gets Kai horny.


Shared publicly - Jan 29 at 12:45am

Just Fondling Myself

3m 36s long
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Was bored Fondling myself


Shared publicly - Jan 20 at 8:42am

zeXXXy. NAUGHTY. fatso me.

2m 52s long
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gross body fats aside, i think i can still rock & turn ur world upside down!


Shared publicly - Jan 20 at 12:50am

MaxBlow: "You Are The Master! "

4m 55s long
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MaxBlow Sucking on HUNG Atlanta area meat!


Shared publicly - Jan 17 at 12:56pm

honey in the sheets

2m 19s long
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January 17......:)


Shared publicly - Jan 15 at 7:54pm

New shoot

1m 3s long
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Not enough pressure for a facial, but it felt very good


Shared publicly - Jan 14 at 5:28pm

after shower play

2m 39s long
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rubbin one out


Shared publicly - Jan 12 at 7:46pm

3 times cumming

1m 11s long
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First shows a nice facial, second is at the coast and third at home with a nice spray.


Shared publicly - Jan 12 at 4:19pm

Sucking Matt's Cock

2m 10s long
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Me sucking on my mans cock


Shared publicly - Jan 12 at 12:04am

another episode of self pleasure

1m 16s long
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needed to relieve a load of stress