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The money shot

1m 6s long
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Random grindr guy comes to get bred. Caught the last minute of the session


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Get me Oily and Fuck Me part

8m 43s long
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Oil gets me so horny


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A sampling of my toys

31m 11s long
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Here I show all of my toys in one video =3


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Morning Horniness and Dildo Play

6m 14s long
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I'm drunk and loving to perform naked on camera here. It's so fun!


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3m 35s long
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Just fucking around


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Get on your knees

1m 12s long
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This virgin hole is just dying to be used


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Cumming twice by a dildo

3m 16s long
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Dripping it


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Fucking A Dildo Part 1

1m 53s long
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Would love someone to play the dildo next time.


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straight directed to show my ass

6m 31s long
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after the warm response the last video I was directed to post received, I was directed to post a video for you highlighting my ass for your consideration.


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1m 20s long
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Straight sub curious, was directed t put video up here for your comments


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Bench Fuck

2m 5s long
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On a fuck bench getting used


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horny and in need of cock

3m 14s long
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im horny and my boy hole is hungry for cock!


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Backyard Load Swap

6m 17s long
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Met my buddy in his back yard for a quick load swap before going home for the day.


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Bulge Action, Bum and a Fuck You ;)

1m 8s long
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For all you nice guys out there who enjoy this kinda stuff ;) 'late night show of sorts'


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Married man's queer break

13m 2s long
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Married buddy told me he had to meet his wife in 30 minutes but wanted to cum. No problem, says I


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3m 57s long
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I needed something different to give/show Partner for this past Valentines day, so yeah is amateur, but its the thought that counts he he...Hope you all like, I admit poured on the sissy a bit, but...


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Camo strip

4m 1s long
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thong, camo, shorts, strip, tease, flash, dick


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Hotwetspeedo Welcomes Spring

15m 7s long
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When the mood seizes me, with the weather just right, i like puttering about all day and into the night, with the music of Handel, Brahms, Berlioz and their ilk on rotation. at sundown i don't...


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me fucking my realistic Ryan dildo

1m 11s long
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trying out my new dildo wishing it was the real thing


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I love To Hump

5m 30s long
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When i'm really horny humping keeps me ready for the next tight ass i'm in!