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Mudflap Sperm

2m 29s long
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When I use to drive to Reno, NV and back to California everyday, I would always go commando and the bouncing would get be so horned up. I would always stop at a brake check point b4 heading down...


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neighbor rimming and sucking

18m 20s long
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part two


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neighbor garage service

4m 15s long
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neighbor invited me over to play ps4 and drink some beers. it wasn't long before my staring at his bulge turned into him getting naked


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Trucker Cock

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One of the things I loved most about driving long haul, was knowing I was going to driver for HOURS and HOURS without stopping, so I'd take my underwear off. The bouncing of the truck would keep me...


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servicing my coworker 2

24m 18s long
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hung out at my buddies house tonight


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Muscle Daddy Cums

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I had spent about an hour doing flexing shows for admirers, and I was horny as fuck. Thought I'd share my release with all of you ?


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Face n Ass

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Some clips of Face n Ass


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sucking my buddy

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looking forward to seeing him again next time he's in town


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Solo fun

1m 25s long
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Solo ride of a large dildo


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blowing the MMA fighter

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my buddy is over here in the US from England to train and fight in amateur MMA fights. one of my favorite things about watching a straight guy get his first blowjob from a guy is having their...


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Hot tub fun

0m 50s long
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Me stroking in my hot tub


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Getting Naked for My Friends

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Love being home and nude


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1m 6s long
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Daddy gets worshiped

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Watch Daddy get worshiped and serviced by a hot boy who swallows my big load. Pay attention boys...THIS is how you worship your Daddy!


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The warm up

2m 23s long
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Part 1 of 2: an hour edging session.


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My Man with his 8' cock

2m 18s long
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My man was prepping himself before he came to the room to give me all that cock and his load bareback!


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Hooked up with my gym crush

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A guy at my gym I been crushing on for over a year


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Ten Minutes Until I Cum (Part 1)

4m 59s long
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Come on buddy, have a jerk with me..


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Ten Minutes Until I Cum (Part 2)

5m 9s long
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Come on buddy, have a jerk with me..


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Pleasuring my Pretty Penis

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I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.