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Morning Cock Tease

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My man is always long gone at work when I wake up but damn I wish he was here to help me get off. I didn t cum cause I wanted to save it for another video I m working on later today.


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redneck buddy feeds me his cock while...

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cards on the table, I'm a total perv it comes to my straight friends. I'm respectful and won't cross any lines they don't want me to but each and every one of them knows id bury their cock in my...


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Cocks Cocks Cocks

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A Collage of our cocks


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Body Shots

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A collage of pics of my body over the years.


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Mudflap Sperm

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When I use to drive to Reno, NV and back to California everyday, I would always go commando and the bouncing would get be so horned up. I would always stop at a brake check point b4 heading down...


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neighbor rimming and sucking

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part two


Shared publicly - Oct 23 2020 at 9:35pm

neighbor garage service

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neighbor invited me over to play ps4 and drink some beers. it wasn't long before my staring at his bulge turned into him getting naked


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Trucker Cock

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One of the things I loved most about driving long haul, was knowing I was going to driver for HOURS and HOURS without stopping, so I'd take my underwear off. The bouncing of the truck would keep me...


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servicing my coworker 2

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hung out at my buddies house tonight


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Muscle Daddy Cums

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I had spent about an hour doing flexing shows for admirers, and I was horny as fuck. Thought I'd share my release with all of you ?


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Face n Ass

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Some clips of Face n Ass


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sucking my buddy

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looking forward to seeing him again next time he's in town


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Solo fun

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Solo ride of a large dildo


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blowing the MMA fighter

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my buddy is over here in the US from England to train and fight in amateur MMA fights. one of my favorite things about watching a straight guy get his first blowjob from a guy is having their...


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Hot tub fun

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Me stroking in my hot tub


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Getting Naked for My Friends

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Love being home and nude


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Daddy gets worshiped

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Watch Daddy get worshiped and serviced by a hot boy who swallows my big load. Pay attention boys...THIS is how you worship your Daddy!


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The warm up

2m 23s long
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Part 1 of 2: an hour edging session.


Shared publicly - Jul 28 2019 at 12:48pm

My Man with his 8' cock

2m 18s long
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My man was prepping himself before he came to the room to give me all that cock and his load bareback!