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jerking off on cam again


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Blue brief jock

10m 42s long
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Just bought it a half hour before this dude came to pound me


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Small aggressive DADDY pounds me...

9m 4s long
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Title speaks for itself Lol this was my first vid ever


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Twink pounds my musclecunt

2m 7s long
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He came over ordered me to put lingerie he brought then pounded me


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Playing with my dick #2

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Posing and showing off my dick


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Just Stroking

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No cum :/ this time sorry


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Computer nerd pounds my ass

2m 17s long
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My computer loves to pound me for payment


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Sucked A Hottie

1m 30s long
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Went to a hottie's place. Got his fat cock sucked, and was raped. I had no video of him fucking me tho.


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Playing With My Dick

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Posing and playing with my dick


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Thank You LIFEOUT friends and viewers...

3m 7s long
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Thanks so much for all the hot comments!! I love to get naked for you, and every comment and message is a hot and fun encouragement for me. Thank you!! XO


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Jerking Off

1m 53s long
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Blowing off Steam


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DoctorPhillyHeat Stripping naked

3m 18s long
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Stripping then surprise!!


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Strip naked

1m 43s long
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bathroom strip session


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June 25, 2015 Best Shower Session...

2m 26s long
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Showering naked jacking off (butt action) (cum shot). Big load!!


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Jacking off after workout

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Hot and sweaty


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Bath jerking off

1m 49s long
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Jerking off in the bath tub. Naked


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Jerk session

2m 33s long
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Bathroom jerking off before shower


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Dirty Talk and Oiling Up My Smooth Body

10m 15s long
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I've been asked for a super dirty talk video for a while, so here is my hand at trying it. If you like it, please comment or message me so I know. I aim to please!


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2m 2s long
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Just taking it off


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oiling myself up

11m 31s long
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oiling myself up and jerking off