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Jerking Off!

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new flexing

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just flexing 2015


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long stroke

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Back breaker


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Sucks Rogers Bick Thick Cock!!!!

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Going down on my friends Rogers big thick cock. Milking him real good why he talks dirty to me and makes me take his load in my mouth and show you how I swallow it all and take a little extra....


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suck it all buddy


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My Partner

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He was bored, waiting to have our next session, so he turned on the Camera on the Comp. to see how it would look as a trial run, well, its Amateur, but he is insatiable, hope you like,


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Getting home from work and relaxing.


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Fucking my Thai bodybuilder

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I was in KL for a business trip and got the chance to dropby at The Gardens Mall - Fitness First to do some lifting before I take my flight to Tokyo the next day. Met this cute bodybuilder in the...


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Nice load on my face first time

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Woke up, I was so HORNY, so i start watching gay porn and edging for 3 hrs than i decide to shoot load on my face for the first time, wow was hot and fun eat my own cum yumm hope ya'll like my vid ;)


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My first bareback experience

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This was filmed last night and my first time to have sex with my partner for almost 24 hrs! we enjoyed the whole night and day!


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flexing 2014

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showing soft cock


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Daddy flexing

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Just a simple flex vid. Currently the BIGGEST I've ever been. Love to flex and show off!


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so horny

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was horny all day so finally had to bust a nut it felt so good to bad it was wasted could of used a mouth or a nice ass to unload in


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Been a while....

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Just a lil' somethin...the latest.


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Steeler with hot tight yellow briefs...

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My buddy Steeler showing off his nice package. I'm sure u will enjoy.


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Out of the closet (again)

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Bored. Took another video.


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Rock Hard

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Pre-cumming and harder than concrete!


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uncut 34 yo Italian breeds 18 yo...

1m 1s long
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met this guy stefano online, super muscular and brutally dominant - married to a woman, but loves to get naughty with anal :P i let him have what he wanted... sorry he stopped filming before he...


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1m 3s long
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My cock is like CONCRETE this morning... Its soo HARD and STRONG i could lift a car with it!