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Me Gettin Plowed

1m 22s long
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Gettin plowed


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Cum Shower

2m 59s long
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Met a guy at a local bar and arranged for a date the next day. Got to his place and have a couple drinks and ended up in bed. During fucking (this time I bottomed coz he's a total top) he said he...


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Not me but how hot!!

1m 16s long
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He takes it all! So talented this one.


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Pit Play (Repost of the GotMilk69469...

1m 1s long
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In this vid, former member GotMilk69469 (now known as MrGooddick2014) raises up his arms and lets me dive into hit ripe pits- a huge fetish of mine. He has the best smell and tastiest armpits I've...


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Stripping and relaxing

3m 52s long
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Coming home and just doing what a man does from time to time.


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jerking off on cam again


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Blue brief jock

10m 42s long
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Just bought it a half hour before this dude came to pound me


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Small aggressive DADDY pounds me...

9m 4s long
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Title speaks for itself Lol this was my first vid ever


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Twink pounds my musclecunt

2m 7s long
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He came over ordered me to put lingerie he brought then pounded me


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Playing with my dick #2

7m 41s long
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Posing and showing off my dick


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Computer nerd pounds my ass

2m 17s long
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My computer loves to pound me for payment


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Sucked A Hottie

1m 30s long
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Went to a hottie's place. Got his fat cock sucked, and was raped. I had no video of him fucking me tho.


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Playing With My Dick

9m 42s long
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Posing and playing with my dick


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DoctorPhillyHeat Stripping naked

3m 18s long
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Stripping then surprise!!


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2m 2s long
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Just taking it off


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oiling myself up

11m 31s long
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oiling myself up and jerking off


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new flexing

1m 8s long
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just flexing 2015


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long stroke

1m 26s long
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Back breaker


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Sucks Rogers Bick Thick Cock!!!!

5m 15s long
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Going down on my friends Rogers big thick cock. Milking him real good why he talks dirty to me and makes me take his load in my mouth and show you how I swallow it all and take a little extra....


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1m 30s long
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suck it all buddy