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1st Video

4m 13s long
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This is my first video here. With my Chub and Beefy Top drilling my hole... Wanna be my next top????


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Folluwup to Chew and Suck

16m 37s long
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Things get intense!


Shared publicly - Nov 11 at 7:10pm

Fucking Security personnel

3m 12s long
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Strict compliance of the rules and regulations.. Leads to fucking session...


Shared publicly - Nov 5 at 4:45am

Glory Hole Me

1m 15s long
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Had to try this at least once. I normally don't go bare, but it was arranged with guys I knew so I could experience my fantasy for real. It sure was fun though.


Shared publicly - Oct 30 at 7:04pm

[10302015]Power Bottom Appreciation...

1m 12s long
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In celebration for the day of the power bottoms, I'm lucky enough to have this privilege


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Jerking my fat, hairy cock, with verbal!

1m 31s long
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I had been jerking for a couple of hours getting fuckin' horny. This video is more adventurous for me and I get pretty verbal before I shoot my cum up my chest. Enjoy and comment dudes! :P


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Hotwetspeedo licks the frosting

12m 59s long
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Hello, hornies! It's my cake day today and I made this extra special. Just for you. Yay! Now let's make some noise!!!!!


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Hotwetspeedo lets it flow

4m 41s long
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Edited this using IPhone's iMovie app with a couple of features I really like.


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Blow Job with a Spanking

1m 8s long
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A HUGE friend of mine (9X6) really likes to dominate me so he gave me a nice hard spanking with a leather belt while I blew him. It was fun for everyone involved. Hope you enjoy this little peak at...


Shared publicly - Sep 24 at 10:23pm

The Hooded Moaner Screamer

5m 3s long
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Played with this hot hooded bottom. He moans and at the end when he cums he screams!! My cum shot at the end. Enjoy


Shared publicly - Sep 13 at 7:31pm

Good Fuck

4m 29s long
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a long wait is over. after you requested and demand it in 100 likes. here's my latest video. this is a 2 part video. enjoy.


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Pinoy orgy

12m 49s long
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Great group FUN!


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While my husband was on a business trip

2m 42s long
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My husbear was away in a business trip so I had to take the toys out of some fun. I need dick everyday.


Shared publicly - Aug 23 at 4:56pm

Cumshot after getting a handjob

1m 11s long
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Me getting a handjob, ending in a cumshot.


Shared publicly - Aug 16 at 1:48pm

Opening up his hole

2m 25s long
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opening up his hole so we can dp him


Shared publicly - Aug 15 at 1:57pm

me cuming in fuck bud ass

1m 16s long
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me fucking our fuck buddy ass,,,,,shot a load all over his ass then fucked him some more


Shared publicly - Aug 15 at 1:49pm

boyfriend fucking our bud.

1m 14s long
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bf fucking our fuck buddy,


Shared publicly - Aug 10 at 10:31pm

A Whole lot of fuckin love

1m 1s long
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Beatin' the livin' crap outta my cock with some dude online


Shared publicly - Jul 12 at 12:37pm

boyfriend fuck our buddy

2m 2s long
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boyfriend opens him up for me


Shared publicly - Jul 12 at 11:23am

fuck buddy

4m 29s long
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found another video we made a while back,,,,,he loved having this cum up his ass