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Fucking my New Toy

6m 49s long
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I just bought my first jerk off toy. I can't get enough!


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Vintage Leather geared - machine fucked

6m 33s long
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not made a sling vintage leather geared vid yet - here is the first. Pardon first segment blocked by web cam but soon gone. This suit is SO tight it takes two to get it on and off. Good Assess"...


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Dildo play.

1m 52s long
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No sex for more than one month... It's a good thing I have toys to play with...


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Cum fun, Part 2

1m 17s long
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Just had to release.


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2m 5s long
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After 4 blode twinks fuck my throat and ass cunt two at a time this niht they used my black hungry cunt and invite BIG DUDES with BIG MUSCULAR ARMSCOCKS and they kept this PUSSY LOOSE...


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Daddy dumped in so hard...

5m 0s long
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He pumped so good..


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arab master

10m 50s long
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using me


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Stranger Daddy Suck and Fuck in...

4m 12s long
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Ran into this guy in the park who was drinking. He told me he was looking to get off.


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REAL dick fucked after machine...

6m 45s long
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local friend really LUVS to fuck or watch a hole get fucked. I can do both!! -opened my hole up while he got to watch then it was his turn. All the time a milking machine constantly stroking my...


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Hotwetspeedo Tames a Beast

13m 57s long
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When you enter a ring or a corral, you're stepping into another world where anything outside doesn't matter. A matador may do it for show but he still needs to walk out victorious. The animal...


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Rubber Chaps geared machine fucked...

8m 37s long
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Part 2 different gear same day same place - arrived early for a gay men's nudist event and had to find something to do to pass the time when I was not out hiking and enjoying nature.


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VERY TIGHT Latex geared machine...

7m 12s long
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attending annual MMNG gay men's nudist event just west of KC in my camper or RV - got there a few days early and had to fine SOME ways to keep busy at something. So I rode away for a few hours -...


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Fucked by a great top

3m 19s long
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I was horny after a hard days work. Called my fubu and he fucked me hard.


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Filling his hole with cum

1m 5s long
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boyfriend shot his load up his ass so i have enough lube for my big cock this guy know how to milk the cum out your cock with his tight hole


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Btm bud tops me

1m 31s long
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I love it when I can get a bottom guy to fuck me! This sweet man really loved shoving his 8" into me. So did I. We flipped for 2 hours...


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Gangbang Creampie

3m 57s long
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Tops lined up to breed this sweet ass however they want. Tight pussy used and filled with cum until overflowing. Bred rough and left his hole sloppy and creamy for the next cock.


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Machine Fucked and Milked

4m 26s long
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Just a view from above what some got to see live on cam (and they got a much better view of the penetration). But thought my LO buddies might still like to take a look at the fucking and milking...


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Oh Morning Sex, How I Missed Thee!

7m 25s long
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Samtot of Twitter spent the night in my house. So when morning came after a whole night of fucking, this was sexpected to happen...


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Fisted to a nice gape

4m 9s long
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My first video of me being fisted


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Young Hung, Foorball Geared Stud Gets...

7m 25s long
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Young hung stud comes by for his first machine fucking ride - I think you'll agree he will be back for more. He cums at about 6:00 but we don't quite stop there!