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Football Geared Machine fucked

6m 31s long
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first time trying out football gear - felt and looked REALLY good! - but I sure need a camera man - a LOT to do getting endlessly fucked, milked, AND trying to hold a camera - just doesn't work...


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MX geared young man gets machine...

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young college guy been asking me for a ride for months and finally he comes over for first ride. Gear him and hook him up and orgasm does not take long!


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501 geared machine BIG TOY fucked...

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SO busy doing spring projects around house but all that physical stuff somehow got me horny!- put on favorite pair of 501's with "access" and ride away - didn't take too long for orgasm to happen....


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me fucking our buddy

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me fucking


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Tight Latex covered Machine fucked...

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Been working long and hard with spring projects around house so time for a bit of R&R -- put on a latex suit so tight my body needs to be lubed to get it on. Been weeks since I came last so was...


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chubby pinoy fucking ass with dildo

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pinoy chub having fun fucking ass with a 14-inch jelly dildo


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A Night in Budapest

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After a night out at the gay bars in Budapest Hungary me and the hubby go back to our hotel and have some fun...


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Sucking a married guy at a gloryhole!...

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Love horny married guys. As I was sucking him he was getting harder and harder till he exploded in my mouth. Cum just kept coming!!


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Freshmans's ass

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Pounding a freshmans's ass


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Hotwetspeedo Welcomes Spring

15m 7s long
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When the mood seizes me, with the weather just right, i like puttering about all day and into the night, with the music of Handel, Brahms, Berlioz and their ilk on rotation. at sundown i don't...


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Asian Top.

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Buddy of mine threw a Bash over in Palm Springs the other day. An Asian Top ... Stole the " Show" ... thought I'd share ... enjoy.


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Suck and Fuck with a New Friend

4m 57s long
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Playing with a new friend in a storage closet


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BB Enjoy! and if you re post or blog . Let me know so I can watch it where you enjoy it. I THINK IS HOT!


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Hunter found me

1m 6s long
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21 yo knows how to fuck


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just the one moment in a BUSY trip home I took time to have a bit of fun - just me getting machine fucked and milked -


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Getting Fuckin' Horny!!

2m 16s long
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Damn I was so fuckin' horny for this video guys. I'd been jerking for hours and could feel my cock pulsating with pleasure with every stroke of my hairy cock! Hope you enjoy this video men :p


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Can you spell "HUGE" toy play?

2m 9s long
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Play time is a favorite of mine.


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