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After 4 blode twinks fuck my throat and ass cunt two at a time this niht they used my black hungry cunt and invite BIG DUDES with BIG MUSCULAR ARMSCOCKS and they kept this PUSSY LOOSE...


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Daddy dumped in so hard...

5m 0s long
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He pumped so good..


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arab master

10m 50s long
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using me


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Stranger Daddy Suck and Fuck in...

4m 12s long
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Ran into this guy in the park who was drinking. He told me he was looking to get off.


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REAL dick fucked after machine...

6m 45s long
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local friend really LUVS to fuck or watch a hole get fucked. I can do both!! -opened my hole up while he got to watch then it was his turn. All the time a milking machine constantly stroking my...


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Hotwetspeedo Tames a Beast

13m 57s long
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When you enter a ring or a corral, you're stepping into another world where anything outside doesn't matter. A matador may do it for show but he still needs to walk out victorious. The animal...


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Rubber Chaps geared machine fucked...

8m 37s long
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Part 2 different gear same day same place - arrived early for a gay men's nudist event and had to find something to do to pass the time when I was not out hiking and enjoying nature.


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VERY TIGHT Latex geared machine...

7m 12s long
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attending annual MMNG gay men's nudist event just west of KC in my camper or RV - got there a few days early and had to fine SOME ways to keep busy at something. So I rode away for a few hours -...


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Fucked by a great top

3m 19s long
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I was horny after a hard days work. Called my fubu and he fucked me hard.


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Filling his hole with cum

1m 5s long
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boyfriend shot his load up his ass so i have enough lube for my big cock this guy know how to milk the cum out your cock with his tight hole


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Btm bud tops me

1m 31s long
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I love it when I can get a bottom guy to fuck me! This sweet man really loved shoving his 8" into me. So did I. We flipped for 2 hours...


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Machine Fucked and Milked

4m 26s long
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Just a view from above what some got to see live on cam (and they got a much better view of the penetration). But thought my LO buddies might still like to take a look at the fucking and milking...


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Oh Morning Sex, How I Missed Thee!

7m 25s long
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Samtot of Twitter spent the night in my house. So when morning came after a whole night of fucking, this was sexpected to happen...


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Fisted to a nice gape

4m 9s long
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My first video of me being fisted


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Young Hung, Foorball Geared Stud Gets...

7m 25s long
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Young hung stud comes by for his first machine fucking ride - I think you'll agree he will be back for more. He cums at about 6:00 but we don't quite stop there!


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My Man fucking me

1m 28s long
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my boyfriend fucking my hole


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Elevator shaft dildo bouncing

4m 32s long
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Last vid from this fun weekend - MY turn, I impale myself on a few different toys while friend operates dick milking speed. Be sure to view long ago posted vid when I bounce on REAL dick milking...


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Young daddy wish is granted

1m 12s long
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I casted my vote even before the election.. to this young hot daddy


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Elevator shaft getting shafted

3m 44s long
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Long time friends invite me for a visit and they live in a 4 story building with working freight elevator - first thought in my mind was doing more than riding the elevator!!!


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Reasons Why I Love Pinoy Daddies

2m 46s long
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Single Dad wanted me for so long.... the right time came for us.. To all daddies... cum on!