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straight directed to show my ass

6m 31s long
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after the warm response the last video I was directed to post received, I was directed to post a video for you highlighting my ass for your consideration.


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roadside fun

9m 37s long
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gonna keep posting the older outdoor vids, since the last one went well. sorry the cam was so far away from things to get the cum shot better.


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Ass pounder

1m 4s long
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Hard fucking from 7


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Enjoy getting eaten

1m 11s long
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Dam he got a long tongue feels great


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2m 3s long
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no regrets meeting with this hot bottom, and he's a good cock sucker too!


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2m 39s long
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Tight Latex covered Machine fucked...

4m 29s long
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Been working long and hard with spring projects around house so time for a bit of R&R -- put on a latex suit so tight my body needs to be lubed to get it on. Been weeks since I came last so was...


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Playing with my vibrating butt plug

1m 19s long
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After my workout on my day off, I decided to have fun with my butt plug. Thank god it vibrates.


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3m 14s long
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hacia poco que aun era virgen segun me dijo y si se lo notaba.


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Sling Fist

1m 48s long
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Second vid in sling getting fucked and fisted


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Bench Fuck

2m 5s long
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On a fuck bench getting used


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dildo and cum shot

2m 28s long
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Having some fun


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4m 37s long
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rico fucking con este hermoso flaquito


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Bottom Cums Handsfree

1m 19s long
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4th time a bottom cums handsfree while being fucked


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more? jerking, sucking ( soon ) fucking

2m 28s long
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fucking the sweet tight ass again... Can't help asking for more...


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young man gets second ride

1m 37s long
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Traveling again - stopped in DC area and friend comes over for another ride - vid was short but think you can tell he's having a GREAT TIME!


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3m 0s long
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sorry por la toma pero este hermoso chaparrito no quiso mostrar su espalda tatuada pero gozo el caballito hasta que me hiso venir


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GOOD Doggy.

4m 27s long
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He LOVES to Suck Cock .... and then get Fucked ... Hard and Deep ... enjoy. Do .... let me know if you like .... smile


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Brutally Gangbanged By TimFuck Et Al

4m 40s long
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I kept this video for myself for a long time but I saw it uploaded somewhere on the web so I decided to upload it here anyway. This is me being brutally fucked by TimFuck and his friends. TimFuck...


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Fucking Myself...Again

4m 31s long
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Yup. Since no one else will do it. Though, I realized after this that I might be less of a bottom than I thought. I like the idea of having a dick in my ass, but it's not always that great.