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Shared publicly - Dec 3 at 1:33pm

Slow motion video

3m 43s long
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A few weeks ago I went over to a friend's house and he wanted to record me riding his cock but in slow motion


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Bareback Indian friend

1m 24s long
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After a hard day work, meet up with my Indian friend N this is what happened.


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All holes fucked hard

49m 29s long
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Fucking my bf's mouth and ass bareback for ya'll... I usually edge and last longer but I wanted to keep the file size down so i could upload here so had to keep the pounding under an hour...


Shared publicly - Dec 2 at 1:06pm

blindfold fuck

9m 41s long
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he likes me blindfolded.. i'm happy to oblige...


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Fuck and Cum

3m 6s long
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Just a quick fuck and a quicker cum - needed that!


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Buddy teases my hole, then I cum with...

4m 25s long
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My new buddy teases my tight hole, then I blow my load while his cock is in me. Sorry for the irritated skin. I had just done some hair removal on my ass! More pics and videos on the way, so...


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Finger my asshole

1m 1s long
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He fist my hole then hard fucked.


Shared publicly - Nov 28 at 7:15pm

Rainy Sunday Hookup

24m 22s long
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Met this guy online on a rainy Sunday morning.


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Misc. Phone Clips

4m 7s long
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I have a bunch of clips on my phone and decided to tie them together. Let me know what you think of them.


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Taking it raw under the stall

2m 1s long
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Ok, so I finally let a guy breed me, had to try it out. Felt good to be bred under the bathroom stall. I wanted to feel like I was living in the 70s, and asked if he could film me getting fucked. I...


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another breeding from fb

3m 13s long
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another visit from ex con straight top


Shared publicly - Nov 18 at 1:05am

Trick or Treat?

12m 21s long
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Halloweiners! (and fun)


Shared publicly - Nov 17 at 5:16pm

Old buddy taking care of me

6m 14s long
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He worked me over very well and finished me off with blow


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Nice BB Fuck

3m 51s long
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Nice BB Fuck smooth guy


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Jock Strapped, Machine Fucked & Milked

7m 21s long
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very first jock strap geared machine sex - enjoy guys!


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the redneck

11m 46s long
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met him in a dungeon a few years back and we just ran into each other again... he comes fairly quickly here...try to get second load but unsuccessful


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My ass fucked bare!

5m 26s long
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My 5'4 skinny twink Latino bud breeding me raw. This time he came on my hole instead of inside me as I asked him to take a video!


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unexpected morning BBC

38m 39s long
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no better way to start the two loads out of him...sorry the the framing is off


Shared publicly - Nov 10 at 3:57pm

Local FB

8m 55s long
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A buddy of mine sometimes stops by on his lunch break


Shared publicly - Nov 9 at 11:08pm


1m 10s long
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Using small fuck machine