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When three is NOT a crowd (part 2)

2m 20s long
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The other top is hot. He sucks, but too bad he doesn't kiss. I'd love a hot threesome kiss.


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When three is NOT a crowd (part 1)

1m 33s long
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My favourite playmates


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getting a blow job on the roof

1m 50s long
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Guy sucking me off on the roof of the bath house 2


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Shower fun 1-15-17

4m 35s long
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Broke out one of my toys


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My first bare topping!

1m 40s long
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So now I finally get to fuck an ass bare and unload. what a nice juicy hole my pussy boy had. Hope you don't mind my funny underwear. Sometimes I like the feeling of keeping some clothes on.


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1m 45s long
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Just doing some painting around the house...


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Me Jacking Again

1m 58s long
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Shooting another load


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Bathroom Stall Fuck 2

1m 36s long
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Had some time at a train station in Germany, and found a quiet bathroom where a guy had a hard on waiting, this time with condom. He pounded me nice, and you can see his jizz in the condom at the end.


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Jacking in undies

1m 5s long
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Me shooting a second load in my buds undies


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Shooting On Boots

1m 12s long
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Me jacking in my cowboy boots


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A Very Good Night

13m 35s long
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OK - so you guys liked the stills and wanted to see more. So.... here is some of the video of A Very Good Night.


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morning wood

2m 16s long
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woke up so horny


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Just a little something

1m 20s long
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Jerkin & Cummin


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holiday jack

1m 43s long
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done at the top of the steps with the rest of the family downstairs. it's a bit dark, and the cumshot can't really been seen. sorry


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Pumping again.

2m 54s long
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Haven't pumped or posted a video .Please enjoy.


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Stroke N. Cum

1m 45s long
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Was edging with a cam bud...had to unload.


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Double D flashlight fuck-off

1m 38s long
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Sexy daddy shares his flashlight with me


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Jacking off with cum dripping at the...

1m 25s long
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Just me jacking off while alone


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big dicked skinny bi guy

6m 0s long
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I don't often offer oral only services.. but this little guy is goddamn delicious ;)


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5m 35s long
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My first solo video, just trying to attract the attention of horny men in my area. Maybe I should have used a dildo or butt plug to stretch my hole open?