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Redo of Something Fun

1m 54s long
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Got alil horny when a buddy of mine sent me a video of him bating!! So I decided to make a video for him! It turned into 2 parts. Part 1 - Barefoot and pre-cumming and part 2 playing with my little...


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Thick Smoke = Thick Cum

4m 48s long
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Smoking makes me shoot thick loads.


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Having some cum for breakfast

1m 44s long
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Jacking off watching porn on here and shooting a nice load. No need to waste the best part of breakfast is the cream.


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Jacking off watching porn

2m 47s long
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I jacked off like I do every day watching porn and licked up a good amount of my load off of my fingers. It was so good.


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Portland Hotel Fuck

12m 56s long
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On my last trip to Portland, I met a fun traveller that needed a nice rim and good hard fucking, ad that's what he got.


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worshiping kickedback's thick and...

48m 4s long
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this fifty-something stud from brooklyn initially came across one of my vids at menwhoswallow, which led him in turn to the video treasure-trove i have posted here at lifeout ... when he first...


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When Their Wifes Are Not Around

2m 50s long
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I got the chance to be invited in an orgy of daddies in Singapore. Apologies as I am not a good videographer.


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cub in a tub

1m 34s long
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Who wants to join me? ;)


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I was home sick so my ex came over...

10m 14s long
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Was home alone sick and my ex came over to suck me . Man I may have a small cock but he sucks the shit outta me like I was huge


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Me on Top

5m 26s long
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Met up with my buddy an my commute home. Sorry for the lighting. Tried to get it as bright as possible.


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Getting Dick Sucked

6m 9s long
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Boy loves to suck cock.


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sucking off enthusiastic NYC fan...

31m 17s long
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during one of my last NYC trips, i had a great time connecting with blondeguy81, who sports a thick and veiny (not to mention tasty!) cock ... we both really got into the session, and at one point,...


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St Pattys Day Fuck 15

7m 50s long
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When I was in Vegas, I had a fun fuck session with another willing bottom military guy.


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first video post

2m 37s long
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just before bed


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morning cum

1m 6s long
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Just needed to cum


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Bear cub having fun pt 1

1m 13s long
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Got horny at work one day and decided to have a quick jerk on my break, fun loving cub here ;) sorry for video quality.


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1m 28s long
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Milk time


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Jacking off in bed and eating my cum

1m 6s long
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I had been watching some porn and get horny and hard and had to jack off. I wanted to eat some jizz and it was good!


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Married Military Returns Pt2

9m 33s long
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After so much foreplay, I was ready for some serious fucking, with a nice thick load left in his ass.


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Married Military Returns Pt1

8m 39s long
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I had a long session with this sexy married military guy. This clip is tons of foreplay, kissing, sucking, and my favorite....rimming.