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Amazing Black Ass Returns Pt2

10m 21s long
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I just can't get enough of his perfectly shaped black globes and tight hole.


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Breeding a Big Juicy Ass

3m 38s long
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I was on another work trip. We were in the same hotel. Great hole for breeding.


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Bearish Bottom

1m 18s long
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Horny for big body TOP men- smooth or hairy.


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Rim Fuck Breed

6m 16s long
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FB gave my hole a nice wet rimming then flooded me after deep pounding.


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Amazing Black Ass Fucked Pt1

11m 1s long
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I love fucking this giant black ass when I visit home. It never fails to serve my cock, and make me cum multiple times in a session.


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Asian Blowjob

1m 5s long
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Asian Blowjob


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Hotel Hole Used

8m 11s long
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On my last trip out of the Canyon, I found a willing hole to used and pound a big load into.


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Fucking a boy

1m 2s long
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Fucking a skinny boy.


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Bi Black gets rimmed and fucked Pt2

9m 46s long
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This guy had a great ass to fuck, he was worried his wife was texting him.


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Bi Black Fucked Pt1

12m 55s long
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I met a fun black guy on a recent trip, and loved his big black ass to rim and fuck.


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Some little help

2m 7s long
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Me horny as f, so I went on Grindr, not that long this truck-type gentleman came in and offered to unload me, so I taking it. Sorry no cum but he just had to tasted my dick ;-)


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My Bear friends Giving me a Nutt facial

4m 53s long
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My 2 bear buds giving me a hottie Cumm facial.


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Bear on the trail 2 (Been awhile)

3m 55s long
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Was riding my bike, when I found this little spot. Had passed a few hot Bear-y sexy men sitting out in lawn chairs at their campers BBQing. They got me a little horny so I stopped to JERK-OFF. BTW,...


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Just teasing Rick.

3m 13s long
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Nothing special, just me playing with my hairy balls. Just wanting to tease my lover.


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Hot Arab Ass Returns Pt2

8m 16s long
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I pound his hot hairy ass til I cum, and then go back for seconds


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Hot Arab Ass Returns Pt1

10m 17s long
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I met up with the hot arab ass again, and really use his ass to the fullest.


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Chubby me, Morning wood released.

5m 31s long
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After 5 days and I can't help to do it again, this time before shower..please enjoy


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1m 44s long
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When he ia doing glory down there!


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purple watch purple cock

1m 4s long
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husband was jacking me off and playing with my balls-


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Big Black Booty Fucking Pt2

7m 30s long
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Here's the finish to a fine big black ass fucking.