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I've been cruising again.

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Met this guy in popular gay cruising area. We started with some fucking in the sun then moved to the hotel and I fucked him doggy.


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BB fucking

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need up hooking up with hotel staff over the weekend. hot times.


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Hot Boy Fuck Pt1

12m 51s long
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I finally met a friend from Lifeout, and thoroughly enjoyed fucking is amazing ass.


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Fucking my bf in a sling. Sorry for the poor lighting.


Shared publicly - Feb 5 at 6:51am

Breeding A bear in the woods

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Had a redneck friend drop by and took him in the woods to breed him.


Shared publicly - Feb 3 at 10:30pm

2 of us fucking the cum out of a 3rd

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3 versatile guys get together in the dungeon; one gets in the sling and two of us pound his ass till he shoots a huge load; then we keep on slammin' his hole. great verbal! hot fun!


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Fucking a hot and hairy ass again


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One Man fukkin another Man

4m 27s long
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you don't get a view of the Top cock in this one, same nice one in other scenes recent posted


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chaise fukkin

2m 43s long
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don't have one


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the greyhound is nailed

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just a section of this hard ruff action


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some MANfukin fun

6m 49s long
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favorite TOPman came to visit


Shared publicly - Jan 31 at 6:56pm


2m 56s long
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su primera vez conmigo


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Fucking a nice hot ass


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Sneak from work

1m 14s long
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When bored at work, sneak out and....... do this


Shared publicly - Jan 26 at 2:21pm

My Bottom Guy fucks me

1m 5s long
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A new buddy is a hot fun bottom. Today he was in the mood to shove his 8" deep in me. He did. I loved it!


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Married Buddies

1m 55s long
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Two married buddies having fun


Shared publicly - Jan 21 at 7:39am

Me gettin fucked by a married Feeder

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This married Feeder has been fuckin me for about 2 yrs.thsui is teh first time we ever Video the session, also my first time to be fucked on video.


Shared publicly - Jan 19 at 10:55pm

Doing Jay - part 2

1m 31s long
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After sucking on that penis for at least 40 minutes, Jay decided he wanted to breed me. Again... happy to oblige. He is fucking amazing. After he finished and left, some of his cum started...


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thick cock BB sling sodomizin

2m 26s long
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This bud just does not give me cock fuckin often enough :-/ !!


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9" of Hot White Bi Top

1m 39s long
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The 1st time I met this Hot Ass Bi Male was the Best so far. I enjoyed worshipping his cock 9 inches of white circumcised cock. I enjoy deep throating it in and out until he was throbbing hard...