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Daddy keeps fucking after he cumms

2m 29s long
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his big dick stays rock hard even after he shoots a big load inside my insatiable boyhole


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passes his nutt

7m 30s long
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I am waiting for this young buck to cum back for a flip fukkin video scene


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BBC fucked my ass

3m 16s long
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Part 1 of 2


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Suck and Fuck with a New Friend

4m 57s long
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Playing with a new friend in a storage closet


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Best ass ever!

4m 30s long
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1 of my favorite muscle bottoms.


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1m 28s long
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Last Night I Had A Visit From The...

11m 22s long
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My trucker fucks me hard


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10m 42s long
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Our first attempt at dom/sub role-play.


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St Pattys Day Fuck 15

7m 50s long
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When I was in Vegas, I had a fun fuck session with another willing bottom military guy.


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3rd Video

12m 49s long
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Had a camera man this time, multiple positions and cum shots.


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Birthday FUCK

1m 19s long
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i got what i wanted for my 40th Bday


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Birthday Fuck

2m 36s long
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i got all i asked for last Wednesday


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bent over to receive a stallion cock

4m 24s long
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I have GOT to get this TOP bud again


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Sling fun

4m 51s long
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Sling bareback fun


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great fuck With dripping cum

1m 14s long
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see yourself


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Deep dickin another white hole

2m 18s long
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My boy came over for some dick simple as that


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Flip Fuck

12m 30s long
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Another video Jeff and I shot over the weekend.


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3-Some Fun

8m 6s long
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Me and a couple of online buddies knocked each other's holes out one day.


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Sling Fuck

4m 1s long
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Just a quick clip of Jeff unloading in my ass.


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1m 28s long
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Friend of mine pounded me as his boyfriend recorded