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Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 6:30pm

David fucking a trick

3m 39s long
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We had a trick come over and this is David dropping his in his ass


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It's Party Time

3m 31s long
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Me and the Hubby went to a friends party and there was 7 of us there and the next thing I know all the clothes came off, so I played around with one of the guys while the other guys were playing...


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BB 8 inches up close

2m 57s long
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Taking it from thick 8


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He came back for my ass.

3m 7s long
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He fuck my pussy hole


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Filled Bareback

2m 24s long
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hot top


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4m 14s long
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pussyboy for blacks


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Topping a random trick passing...

1m 21s long
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Passed through Wheeling, WV while on my way home to Columbus, OH. Got online and got hid up my this dude who wanted my load, stopped and gave it to him, just a short video before my phone died.


Shared publicly - Aug 9 at 8:58am

Me fucking a beautiful hairy ass raw

1m 6s long
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I was his third load. If you look closely at my cock you can see cum already coating my cock and its def not mine....yet


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BBC Fucks White Ass

1m 2s long
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BBC Fucks White Ass Bareback


Shared publicly - Aug 7 at 12:48am

Edge n tease

1m 57s long
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Edging my dick while i tease my bottoms hole


Shared publicly - Aug 6 at 7:09am

Stranger Daddy Suck and Fuck in...

4m 12s long
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Ran into this guy in the park who was drinking. He told me he was looking to get off.


Shared publicly - Aug 4 at 12:02am

Nice and deep

1m 23s long
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Tell me what you think :) ;)


Shared publicly - Aug 3 at 3:56pm

My Phat White Ass Getting Boned By...

7m 29s long
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My phat white ass & pink, velvet-like tight hole getting pounded, plowed, and owned by a big black dick!


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some guy fucking my ass

1m 17s long
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having my ass fuck


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My black stallion

4m 22s long
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One of my best sling BBrdn


Shared publicly - Aug 2 at 5:06am

Chicago Fucks Atlanta

6m 36s long
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Horned dude goes to Chicago to get fucked... Chi Zac fucks Ryan ATL


Shared publicly - Aug 1 at 12:45pm

Tony tearing up Courtney

9m 29s long
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Just having some fun with a bud who loves to bottom !!!


Shared publicly - Jul 30 at 5:32pm

Fucking a sweet ass

1m 7s long
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He told me he wanted to Record and he wants me over every single day


Shared publicly - Jul 29 at 8:10pm

Hotwetspeedo Tames a Beast

13m 57s long
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When you enter a ring or a corral, you're stepping into another world where anything outside doesn't matter. A matador may do it for show but he still needs to walk out victorious. The animal...


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Bf shooting his load into our fb...

1m 33s long
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Like title says vid is of my bf fucking our fuck buddy with my load in his ass and him adding his load too