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Session with Louie 7/30/15

1m 14s long
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Luv fucking him


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Teaching An 18 Year Old Virgin To Fuck

3m 4s long
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As I'm being flooded with messages inviting me to fuck here on LO every single day, there was this one message which stood out. It was from this 18 year old discreet guy who said that he never had...


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ass play

1m 39s long
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ass play with dildo


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Part One

2m 30s long
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its dark and its black but its indispensable


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barebacking with a heavy cock ring

2m 23s long
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short clip of me barebacking a bud with a weighted cock ring


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Bareback 3 sum

3m 39s long
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2 chineses fuck bareback one malay and cum inside him


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A thick top

1m 10s long
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(_._) (_o_) (_O_)


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A thick regular

1m 5s long
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He left 5 loads that day


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Riding Daddy in Front Yard

4m 50s long
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Riding his thick cock until i shoot


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Small aggressive DADDY pounds me...

9m 4s long
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Title speaks for itself Lol this was my first vid ever


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A little sunday fun

15m 43s long
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Fucking my white boy's Ass


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A Day at the Nude Beach and the...

4m 38s long
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After swimming for awhile on a very hot day me and the hubby take a stroll through the woods that's right next to the river and have some fun...


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Twink pounds my musclecunt

2m 7s long
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He came over ordered me to put lingerie he brought then pounded me


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2m 0s long
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Computer nerd pounds my ass

2m 17s long
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My computer loves to pound me for payment


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a hard sweaty afternnon

5m 20s long
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this TopMan used my male asshole for a kunt


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Bf and i 1st vid

1m 24s long
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finally decided to upload our first vid together


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boyfriend fuck our buddy

2m 2s long
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boyfriend opens him up for me


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fuck buddy

4m 29s long
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found another video we made a while back,,,,,he loved having this cum up his ass


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good fuck

3m 32s long
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found a video we made a while back