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Shared publicly - May 23 at 1:32am

Hell of fun

20m 11s long
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Hot n wild naked fun...


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Backyard Load Swap

6m 17s long
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Met my buddy in his back yard for a quick load swap before going home for the day.


Shared publicly - May 21 at 3:47pm

Busting another nut in my friend again

13m 21s long
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with my friend from earlier post. man i love fucking him


Shared publicly - May 20 at 5:10pm

BB buddy

1m 7s long
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Just sex


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My boo pounding my ass

1m 55s long
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My man knows how to work his dick in my tight ass. Sorry I'm so loud, I become a total sissy when I get fucked lol


Shared publicly - May 17 at 7:08pm

Riding Daddy in Front Yard

3m 13s long
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riding daddies thick cock in front yard | MDB92 on XTUBE


Shared publicly - May 16 at 10:57pm

Double Load Session

9m 18s long
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We fucked for about an hour. These are the highlights.


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Outdoor fucking by the seaside 2

4m 34s long
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As title.


Shared publicly - May 15 at 7:01pm

Big Guys’ Ass Buffet and Fuck

9m 6s long
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Three of us decided to get together for some beefy ass munching and fucking.


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Afternoon Pounding

10m 26s long
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This awesome bottom hit me up on my home from work. Look for the cream pie at the end.


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Barebacked By My Boss

1m 41s long
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My boss always jokes around that he has a 7 inch dick but I didn't really believe him. We made a bet that if he indeed has a 7 inch dick, I'll let him fuck me bare. I LOST!


Shared publicly - May 13 at 9:25am

Boystown Welcomes a LO visitor

3m 0s long
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this is what happens when a LifeOut member comes to visit


Shared publicly - May 11 at 6:33pm

A young new friend

1m 12s long
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Rough deep breeding


Shared publicly - May 9 at 11:25am

Fucking another friend

5m 52s long
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This one has a cumshot


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Cinco de Mayo 2 Part

5m 28s long
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When you just can't get enough.


Shared publicly - May 8 at 11:37pm

busting a nut in a friend

4m 22s long
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had to trim the video down so it would fit. this is the culmination of about 2 hours of fucking, fisting and sucking. sorry no cumshot for it went up his ass!! Enjoy, I DID!


Shared publicly - May 6 at 11:49am

cinco de mayo

1m 51s long
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Lucky bottom got filled by 4 tops.


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fucked bare by a bud

1m 4s long
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regular fuck bud was fucking my ass that already had a load of cum in it


Shared publicly - May 4 at 6:04pm

Suck Rim Fuck Part - 2

8m 19s long
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It was my turn to take a pounding. Comments always welcome.


Shared publicly - May 3 at 7:59pm

taking a big black cock

1m 44s long
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regular fuckbud dumping his load