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cub in a tub

1m 34s long
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Who wants to join me? ;)


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I was home sick so my ex came over...

10m 14s long
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Was home alone sick and my ex came over to suck me . Man I may have a small cock but he sucks the shit outta me like I was huge


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Sucking Poolside Pt 2

7m 50s long
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Two big dick daddys sucking and dick playing poolside


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cum again with Spunklube

2m 43s long
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Had a great guy that I follow on twitter send me some lube " Spunklube " and I had another jerkoff session and busted another nut.


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cum shot #2

1m 23s long
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I had to edit video down because file was too large. I left the best part. I almost nutted on my phone. I will post the full video at another store if you want to see it just ask me


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shootin on my chair

1m 45s long
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was so horny and rock hard i have to release some tension


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cum shot

3m 14s long
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Been a few days, thinking of someone got me to shot my load.


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My first video

1m 1s long
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This song is funny waitting u like it cause I lol to much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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just Bored

1m 55s long
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First time trying this


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bball short jerk

1m 4s long
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on vine and i combined some of my vids from me jerking off the other day


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Sucks Rogers Bick Thick Cock!!!!

5m 15s long
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Going down on my friends Rogers big thick cock. Milking him real good why he talks dirty to me and makes me take his load in my mouth and show you how I swallow it all and take a little extra....


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Chaturbating with a bear

1m 40s long
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Chaturbating with a bear, toy up my ass and enjoying what i was watching. (sorry for the sound)


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Sitting on a big fucking hard latin...

2m 24s long
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new years 2015 FUCK!


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Otra jalada

1m 37s long
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BaƱo publico


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The Brazilians

6m 41s long
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A couple of years ago I was working at a peanut factory and they hired 2 Brazilian guys to work at the factory, got to know them really good and they used to tell me about how they fucked shemale...


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first jerking off video

1m 19s long
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Couldn't find any meat to play with my hole today, so I decided to play with my own meat.


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Bear Rider

4m 19s long
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Me and my latino cub doing what we do best!


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Latino breeding

2m 14s long
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Loved it!


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Latino bareback fuck

2m 48s long
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early morning jack

1m 9s long
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haven't came in two weeks decided to release my full balls and they still are not drained yet