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Car break in the parking lot

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Took a break from delivery & stop at the local store parking lot.


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Me shooting my load... Hope you like and please be kind


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Jerk and cum shot


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Black Dildo

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Riding my 9" dildo


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deep throat action

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swallowing a big. cock


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Tried to keep edging him...

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I finally remembered to tape a session! My friend came over after work and I wanted to edge him. With his day being stressful, he couldn't hold back


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El ray Xxl taken for daddy

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Taking the huge dildo at request of my daddy


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Car suck

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Sucking big Latin cock in his car.


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Sneaker Play

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Sneakers make a great toy


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Early morning Cumming

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Laying in bed went to sleep hard & than woke up hard so decided to release on this lock in Monday.


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Jimmy Console - Oh Daddy!

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My latest tune is a tribute to all the hot Daddies out there. This is the Porn Video version. Safe one is on YouTube, and the music is available to enjoy on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc....


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Bedtime Relief

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Had to release my load before bed so I could have a good night sleep.


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Happy Friday

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After a great run & lunch came to release at home..


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Car break at park

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Was at park horny so pulled it out to jack off before the super bowl game..


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I needed to cum

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Vim load


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This porn star that I met in Chicago....

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I met up with his porn star while I was living in Wisconsin. Had a pretty fun time with him with it and his 11 inch dick?


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My Mood this Evening

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It’s just one of those nights


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Stroking again

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Stroking my uncut cock again


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Just some videos tightening my ass


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Birthday fuck

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He wanted dick for his 19th