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sweet memories

1m 55s long
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Long time ago during college years with my sweet ex- lover...


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lunchtime BBC

6m 39s long
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just a quick suck n fuck during lunchtime...


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"Straight"Hustler tries fucking me

1m 55s long
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Name says it all- was too tight then he came super quick but was a good ride


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sexy fat BBC

12m 39s long
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hot fuck from sexy fat BBC ... session cut short and a little editing here as he made me bleed!


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Glory hole fun

1m 14s long
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My neighbor is in the process of building a gh, so I gave it a test run... it was my first time at a gh ?? shhhhhhh!


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Fucking a white slutty bottom from bbrt

2m 34s long
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I finally got to fuck this slutty bottom from bbrt. He was fucked twice before me so his raw hole felt amazing. Too bad he's moving back to Chicago


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My Caribbean Friend Fucks Me

2m 9s long
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an old video of my fuck buddy and I from 2012. he ripped my underwear open cause he wanted my ass badly. there is a nice surprise at the end when he pulls out cause my ass is so tight.


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Fucking a sexy black guy in my hotel...

1m 21s long
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It was my last vacation day in DC. He reached me out on jackD


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RED light Beauty Theraphy

1m 27s long
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Follow me @shawnturner007 for more.


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Me sucking the straight guy

2m 48s long
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A bi curious straight friend and me showing him guys suck better lol


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Fucking hot white hairy guy

2m 12s long
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Fucking a hot white hairy guy bareback


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Part 1 those lips

2m 6s long
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He said he could do better. Ur thoughts. Please share


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blindfolded for BBC

8m 22s long
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this guy used to be so much fun.. this is all i get from him these days...


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Two Loads and Two Hours Later

3m 26s long
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Found a new FB in my area. We had a great 2 hour pig session. This is the end. And yes.... That's his previous cum load that he saved for lube.


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Guy w the hat

3m 46s long
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He hit me up at the gym. He wanted to clean the sweat off my balls n dick and ended up gettting fixated on sucking and getting a nice reward.


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Morning fuck

1m 19s long
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Nothing like waking up and fucking after a long night out.


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He wanted to taste it

1m 27s long
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First time sucking uncut and he wanted to taste it. So I had to, then I fucked him. He wouldn't let me record. May b next time. Sry no cum shot.


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blowing the caribbean guy

1m 23s long
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the start of our last session in 2015


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Caribbean guy pounding me

9m 13s long
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my last video from 2015 a fuck bud pounded my ass real good that night. he fucked me 3 times that night and it was good. I haven't had any dick in my ass since then. I'll upload the rest


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sexy black man

15m 0s long
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suck n fuck with sexy XL BBC