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A hot Asian man wanted to fuck. If you know me at all you know I was DTF!!


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Table scraps for the horny lifeout boys.

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Invited a brown muscle guy over. Worshiped his pretty ass with my dick, and blew multiple loads that unfortunately, y'all won't be seeing. ;)


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BBC serving wht cock for his pleasure

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BBC gives as good as he receives to to completion ....


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Morning Cub

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A fuck bud rang me as I was waking up to tell me he was in front of my house and horny. Of course i invited him up- Good Morning!!


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Melbourne Fuck Bud

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I met this hot Aussie on holiday from Melbourne last week.


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Dublin Fuck Buddy

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Met up with guy visiting from Dublin. We got a quick fuck in before he had to hop a flight home.


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sweet hole

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Fuck this hot white holes for 5 or 6 hours straight.


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I'm trying to get rid of these blue balls......So I went to see my favorite FUCKBOI and this what happened.......


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Another Late Night w/ CWilson758 from...

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Off work and home around 3 a.m. After a bit of chat with my buddy we were both horned up and needing to fuck around. We put hid head skills to work again.


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Hairy Little Man

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I always enjoy fucking this hairy little hottie!


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Pre-run Load 2

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My buddy wanted to cum again. I was more than happy to take another load.


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Pre-run Load 1

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Needed a load or two to get the day started. Luckily a buddy was on a lunch break and happy to oblige. Took his load with me to the gym.


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Fuck Club Bud!

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We met at a local fuck club. We've run into one another a few times on the street. Things just worked out well for us to meet up last night. Saw him on the street and told him I'd text shortly....


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Pre-beach Fuck!

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I was on my way to meet a buddy at a local beach when I ran into a fuck bud. Needless to say I went to the beach with his load in my hole and an annoyed friend texting me because I was running late.


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Loving cock & getting WET

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Jay and I got together. I worship his cock nice and slow holding it all the way down my throat. He lets me climb on and ride until he floods my ass with that sweet cum.


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Jamaican Prince

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This 24yo Jamaican Prince has the most beautiful and wet hole. Love fucking him raw. We have great chemistry. Enjoy guys! Comments are very appreciate


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atlgbm with danthefunguy

1m 6s long
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quick movie of danthefunguy raw fucking the shit out of me. longer videos to cum. he had me hitting high notes cause his big dick hurt so good. loved his big raw white dick in me. rarely get it.


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BBC Fucks White Ass

1m 2s long
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BBC Fucks White Ass Bareback


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Edge n tease

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Edging my dick while i tease my bottoms hole