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take it like a good boy

3m 5s long
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me bent over balls deep- taking it like a good boy


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Breeding a Big Juicy Ass

3m 38s long
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I was on another work trip. We were in the same hotel. Great hole for breeding.


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It fit eventually

1m 18s long
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Two older shorter videos with an amazing cock


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I share my boyfriend with a friend he took his nine inch thick black dick like a champ


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My first ever fuck video

1m 39s long
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My daddy told me he wanted me to record me fucking him so he can watch it later. So I did. He has a great ass which I make cum all the time. I sure did bust very deep inside him too!


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Palm Springs Daddy

3m 44s long
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met this hott daddy in PS


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Boi meets Boy

1m 22s long
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When boi meets boy, will you ask for more?


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Interracial BB 3way, black top fucks...

2m 5s long
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Had 3some with my Redneck Slut steady bottom and a former buddy of mine. I'm fucking both of them in this clip. Bottoms took turns filming and loved what they saw. Bred my steady slut at the end....


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boy is getting bred by his daddy

1m 20s long
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Just another day in the boy's life


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Afternoon w/ me on Top

7m 1s long
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This guy has a great ass so i decided to climb aboard.


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Sucking Black Dick

1m 26s long
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Guy stopped by my hotel in Indianapolis wanting a blowjob. I sucked his dick so well, he fed me two loads and left very happy.


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Asian Suck

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I was in Vegas and connected with this Asian, sucked his cock for awhile and then he bred me with it and filled my tight ass.


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Pride weekend fuck

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Pride week in Houston, lots of bottoms in need, daddy dick to the rescue ;)


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Rim, Fuck, Breed, Repeat!

11m 14s long
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My buddy drained his huge balls in me several times this day. This is just a few.


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My Turn

6m 26s long
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I got fucked by a 20 y/o beautiful black man. He had an amazing body and a delicious big, black, rock hard cock. He filled me up with his load and left me dripping. Enjoy guys! Leave comments.


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D tops J

6m 0s long
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Best of home spun freaky fun. My BF and I playing.


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Pov fuck

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Pov bareback fucking


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Memorial morning fuck

1m 6s long
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Being served


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Hot Arab Ass Returns Pt2

8m 16s long
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I pound his hot hairy ass til I cum, and then go back for seconds


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Balls DEEP

2m 0s long
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He wanted this while hole to dump his hot cream into but I made him promise to go BALLS DEEP and he did. Watch this vid and get in line for your turn to go deep in me. I LOVE BIG COCK