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Shared publicly - May 23 at 12:10pm

Taking 25 Year Old Cock

13m 11s long
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This young guy hit me up on a cruise app. i convinced him to make a video after a few other fuck sessions.


Shared publicly - May 23 at 11:08am

daddy fucks me in costa rica hotel

8m 18s long
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no sound but daddy starts sucking my cock then we 69 he fucks me until i shoot my load


Shared publicly - May 22 at 6:45pm

Backyard Load Swap

6m 17s long
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Met my buddy in his back yard for a quick load swap before going home for the day.


Shared publicly - May 16 at 10:57pm

Double Load Session

9m 18s long
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We fucked for about an hour. These are the highlights.


Shared publicly - May 15 at 7:01pm

Big Guys’ Ass Buffet and Fuck

9m 6s long
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Three of us decided to get together for some beefy ass munching and fucking.


Shared publicly - May 15 at 2:47pm

Afternoon Pounding

10m 26s long
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This awesome bottom hit me up on my home from work. Look for the cream pie at the end.


Shared publicly - May 14 at 11:49pm

Great Vegas Fuck

9m 57s long
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I met a hot young black guy, and found a guy to tape our fuck session. The end will make you cum hard.


Shared publicly - May 11 at 6:33pm

A young new friend

1m 12s long
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Rough deep breeding


Shared publicly - May 4 at 6:04pm

Suck Rim Fuck Part - 2

8m 19s long
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It was my turn to take a pounding. Comments always welcome.


Shared publicly - May 3 at 2:13pm

Suck Rim Fuck Part - 1

10m 5s long
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Met my friend after work for a good fuck session. This is part-1 of me stretching his hole. We flip for part-2


Shared publicly - May 2 at 7:52am

Straight to bottom

1m 26s long
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Straight guy wanted to try making out with me I convince him to try more


Shared publicly - Apr 27 at 2:21pm

Laundry room

1m 57s long
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That cock felt so nice


Shared publicly - Apr 17 at 1:04am

Back to the Storage Room

4m 53s long
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Went back a fuck buddy's storage room for another pounding


Shared publicly - Apr 16 at 5:50pm

Thick Dick Daddy

5m 53s long
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sorry for the audio i keep forgetting to take of case on gopro


Shared publicly - Apr 10 at 4:17pm

Backyard Fuck

5m 30s long
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suck daddy in the office while he's on the phone then we go backyard by the pool and he fucks me


Shared publicly - Apr 9 at 4:28pm

Chair Fuck

7m 7s long
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Me and my buddy fucking on a chair


Shared publicly - Apr 6 at 11:13pm

Neighbor Fuck!!

1m 13s long
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Recently started chatting online with a neighbor across the street. We met in person at a local bar and we agreed that sometime in the near future we needed to fuck each others' brains out. Two...


Shared publicly - Mar 29 at 8:05pm

Me on Top

5m 26s long
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Met up with my buddy an my commute home. Sorry for the lighting. Tried to get it as bright as possible.


Shared publicly - Mar 26 at 5:58pm

Oral exploration

3m 15s long
Posted in Interracial
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Just getting to know a buddy better one afternoon. Loved how it felt hardening in my mouth and in my hands!


Shared publicly - Mar 10 at 3:57am

Deep dickin another white hole

2m 18s long
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My boy came over for some dick simple as that