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A bit of face fucking

1m 22s long
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One of my lovers friends decided to fuck my mouth before filling my arse.


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Rico culo

1m 12s long
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Cojiendo duro


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Smelling white socks while Jacking...

1m 22s long
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I like to smell white socks while I fuck a guy or while I jack off... nothing to raunchy. Looking for guys 18-45 , no heavies... who are into smelling white socks and will fuck me and smell...


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Big cock threesome - guy #1

1m 35s long
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I invite my friend and my fuckbuddy over for a threesome and they pound me good with their big cocks. Both of them are at least 8 or 8.5 and thick.


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Jacking off

3m 0s long
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Me jacking off... My husband and I live in Montgomery PA and are looking for friends first.. 18-45. No heavies please... Looking to do a train fuck , double penetrate , one of us is looking to...


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threesome fun

2m 22s long
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my two sissies and me


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Pinoy orgy

12m 49s long
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Great group FUN!


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straight guy gets spit roasted

3m 42s long
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23 year old straight guy first time


Shared publicly - Jul 11 at 2:31pm

fucking our boy again

3m 31s long
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fucking our boy again,,,,shot on his ass,,,,,sorry about the blank spot drop the camera,,,,,


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Awesome Foursome

10m 20s long
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My buddy had 3 of us over for a hot suck and fuck session. Love the versatility. Comments always welcome


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DP his ass

3m 14s long
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bf and I dp his ass shot a load up his ass


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fucking our buddy

3m 45s long
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fucking a buddy,,,,,cum shoot, and dp


Shared publicly - May 26 at 8:57am

Brutally Gangbanged By TimFuck Et Al

4m 40s long
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I kept this video for myself for a long time but I saw it uploaded somewhere on the web so I decided to upload it here anyway. This is me being brutally fucked by TimFuck and his friends. TimFuck...


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Great Vegas Fuck

9m 57s long
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I met a hot young black guy, and found a guy to tape our fuck session. The end will make you cum hard.


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Asian Top.

1m 15s long
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Buddy of mine threw a Bash over in Palm Springs the other day. An Asian Top ... Stole the " Show" ... thought I'd share ... enjoy.


Shared publicly - Mar 9 at 2:25am

3-Some Fun

8m 6s long
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Me and a couple of online buddies knocked each other's holes out one day.


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tied up and sucking

1m 1s long
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sucking a cock while bound


Shared publicly - Dec 15 2014 at 7:08pm


1m 7s long
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Hot little threeway


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4m 18s long
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Group gets fuck & milking machine ride

17m 18s long
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Annual play night at friends in Fort Lauderdale. I bring the toys -- fuck machine & dildo of different sizes and shaped, milking machine, and expertise to operate it - Host invited the guys...