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Morrisdale Pa

1m 27s long
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if close please use me


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Group Night, First Rider

5m 26s long
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Annual group toy play night in Fort Lauderdale. It was another fun one - this is the first toy rider -he was HOT and had some fun!!


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Bareback Threesome

2m 20s long
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Getting pounded by two of my friends, both thick and uncut. We fucked all over the apartment. This is a bit from the beginning.


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3 way fun

36m 48s long
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two fine young men liked my profile pic and asked if they could use my ass for a while an hour later, this happened.... God Bless Young Men ;)


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The end of my Saturday Morning...

1m 2s long
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I wanted two loads of cum but just got ones guys


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It's Party Time

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Me and the Hubby went to a friends party and there was 7 of us there and the next thing I know all the clothes came off, so I played around with one of the guys while the other guys were playing...


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1m 24s long
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Got my cock sucked in DC. Great cock sucker.


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double fucking our bud

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the two of us double fucking our bud,,,,,,both fill his ass full,,,,


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After Bar Fuck!

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A couple buddies and I were horny after a few drinks at the bar. I invited them over for some play.


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Young Man operats Fucking Machine

7m 6s long
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Annual play night at long time friends house in Fort Lauderdale during this year's winter "snowbird" trip. Not many wanted fuck and milking machine ride - AND be videoed so I took a turn and was...


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Bear on Twink Gangbang

6m 57s long
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My friend hosted a gangbang. Great ass. I kept going in for more.


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Two of my married regs feeding me the...

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I luv married guys cum loads, esp when they jerk it off into my open mouth!


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Two of my Reg married Feeders, and me...

3m 14s long
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I luv it when a married guy precum's a lot!This married Feeder of mine always precum's a lot too! I luved licking it off the other married Feeders dick!


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A bit of face fucking

1m 22s long
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One of my lovers friends decided to fuck my mouth before filling my arse.


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Rico culo

1m 12s long
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Cojiendo duro


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Smelling white socks while Jacking...

1m 22s long
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I like to smell white socks while I fuck a guy or while I jack off... nothing to raunchy. Looking for guys 18-45 , no heavies... who are into smelling white socks and will fuck me and smell...


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Jacking off

3m 0s long
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Me jacking off... My husband and I live in Montgomery PA and are looking for friends first.. 18-45. No heavies please... Looking to do a train fuck , double penetrate , one of us is looking to...


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straight guy gets spit roasted

3m 42s long
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23 year old straight guy first time


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fucking our boy again

3m 31s long
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fucking our boy again,,,,shot on his ass,,,,,sorry about the blank spot drop the camera,,,,,


Shared publicly - Jun 23 2015 at 1:00am

Awesome Foursome

10m 20s long
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My buddy had 3 of us over for a hot suck and fuck session. Love the versatility. Comments always welcome