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Sunday fuckday

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Working over a bottoms hole


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chaise fukkin

2m 43s long
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don't have one


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the greyhound is nailed

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just a section of this hard ruff action


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some MANfukin fun

6m 49s long
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favorite TOPman came to visit


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jerking/ jakol with facial expression

1m 7s long
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acting lustfully for your eyes only


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Fucking a nice hot ass


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Jerking Cum

1m 24s long
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One horny afternoon, i released my thick soup cum on the floor.


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Homemade Pumping

3m 56s long
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Some have requested a video of my pumping. I'm using a homemade pump and filling my tube to the 7 inch mark. It feels great, but never overdue this!


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MaxBlow: "You Are The Master! "

4m 55s long
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MaxBlow Sucking on HUNG Atlanta area meat!


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Suckin' on Jay

2m 1s long
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Met Jay on DudesNude and we finally got together. MAN, was that worth the wait. Huge, awesome cock. At first he just wanted to be sucked, lay back and watch porn. I was happy to oblige...


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thick cock BB sling sodomizin

2m 26s long
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This bud just does not give me cock fuckin often enough :-/ !!


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9" of Hot White Bi Top

1m 39s long
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The 1st time I met this Hot Ass Bi Male was the Best so far. I enjoyed worshipping his cock 9 inches of white circumcised cock. I enjoy deep throating it in and out until he was throbbing hard...


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Having more fun :-)

4m 41s long
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Me jacking off again


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First Video of 2016

1m 19s long
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Shaved fuckbud dropped by my place in Makati to catch up.


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Birthday manfukkin

7m 32s long
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4th try to upload WMV format Sucks crap!!! :((


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Giving my man a Blowjob

3m 13s long
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Sucking on my man's cock and balls. Tastes good :)


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Old video re-post of my first life here

14m 41s long
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My Bud bleauxjob69, doing it like no other!


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Matt Sucking my cock

3m 13s long
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My man sucking my cock


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Cumming on my man's face

2m 39s long
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Jacking my cock and Cum spraying on my mans face.


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Oral Fixation with Facial (Repost of...

8m 0s long
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Pt 2 to the last oral video, & the Finale of this series. An all out Oral video of us. Lots of sucking, sluping, deep throating & swallowing. Followed by dick stroking, choking, & finishing with...