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sucking and getting fucked by my priest top from brooklyn.


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MS a few guys

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just a short video of three different guys i've blown in the past. feel free to message me about the full versions.


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Releasing a lil bit of pressure

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"myself" J/O with cum


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Just a video of cumming


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Horny this afternoon

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Love cumming


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The Stroke

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Just flogging the dog


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Make the Boy Cry but he likes it

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me sucking "Professor sex";s cock - deepthroat to tears but was awesome!


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Florida Daddy

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having some oral fun with a hott daddy


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Getting my oral exams in

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Me sucking cock and eating some ass pie


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Daddy Fucks Me in Shower

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big dick daddy fucks and sucks me in the shower


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Got the message from him

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Bitch come suck this dick..I was there on my knees .please leave comments...please ..he says I am his cum bitch


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Bored alone in the room


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BB fucking

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need up hooking up with hotel staff over the weekend. hot times.


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hands-free cumming with the knot

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Last part of a long toy session, where I ride a few of my bigger toys then shoot a load while taking the Akita knot.


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Sunday fuckday

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Working over a bottoms hole


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chaise fukkin

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don't have one


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the greyhound is nailed

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just a section of this hard ruff action


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some MANfukin fun

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favorite TOPman came to visit


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jerking/ jakol with facial expression

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acting lustfully for your eyes only