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late night

1m 21s long
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got horny last night and went to town


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Swallowing Cum

2m 43s long
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Friend came over. He is straight so he didn't let me show face but he allowed me to show him getting his dick sucked.


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He straddles my face

3m 31s long
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My bud straddles my face, rubs his ass into my face while jacking, shoots and feeds me.


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The Beast

2m 27s long
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The Beast is coming with a big dick to make you accept his government.


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caribbean guy pounding me

2m 54s long
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my fuck bud pounding me and drops his first nut during our session


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blowing the caribbean guy

1m 23s long
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the start of our last session in 2015


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Caribbean guy pounding me

9m 13s long
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my last video from 2015 a fuck bud pounded my ass real good that night. he fucked me 3 times that night and it was good. I haven't had any dick in my ass since then. I'll upload the rest


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Jacking off no cum shot

1m 11s long
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Mid evening jo session no cum shot and this is first video


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Edging for an Hour, need to taste cum

2m 44s long
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Just needed some fun time and release - it felt so good.


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Sucking My Dick

7m 53s long
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A new edit and repost of earlier video of horny younger guy sucking my dick


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Baby oil

3m 13s long
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More fun with baby oil


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Morning Jerk

1m 2s long
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Jacking out a morning load


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Team BIG Dick

5m 23s long
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#bigcock #verga #pene #cum #veinycock #tamod #salsal #cickring #lube #oil


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2m 27s long
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This straight dude kept hinting being curious about how it feels to fuck a dude in the 1st I thought he was fucking with me.....well, we went out for a drink in SinCity a few nights...


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sexy black man

15m 0s long
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suck n fuck with sexy XL BBC


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Video comp.

1m 23s long
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I made a few short videos for this sexy guy on Facebook. And i thought i would put them together with a cool filter and share it with you sexy guys. Hope you all enjoy! ❤?


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Releasing Myself

6m 17s long
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Needed to unload bad!


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Shooting a HUGE Load

1m 2s long
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Squirting after edging


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from above

1m 41s long
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I should have cleaned the mirror I guess.


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Modern Hotshots

2m 20s long
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Leave me a message if you liked this new video!!!!