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Jerking my Cock for the love of precum

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There's something about just jerking on my cock and feeling my precum oozing around my head and down my shaft.


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Hot fuck in sauna

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Hot fuck session in Sauna


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Was cuddling with my boyfriend and i...

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Watched the end


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Married guy visits the glory hole

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Nice, little treat on a blah day


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Jakol PA more!

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Asi! Me gusta mi asi! With my Skype jerk off buddy


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Hotwetspeedo takes a vacation

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Visiting mom in Hawaii with family gets me antsy; Grindr flakes get me feeling desperate. Things picked up on my third day, thank god!


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Friday the 13th fetish

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God on Earth seed armpit hairy bushy mi pene grande.


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big dicked skinny bi guy

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I don't often offer oral only services.. but this little guy is goddamn delicious ;)


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Life is foolish game...!

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Throwback with my exbf. fucking date with him when we're bored. Babeback where both safe.


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So horny tonight...enough said!


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News Year's Eve Fuck

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This is the way we celebrated the new year!


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sexy black man

2m 10s long
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sadly i got just a few licks and the camera turned off ! he was much more fun than shown here!


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Sperma Everywhere! 2017 HD

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Leave me a message or comment if you liked the way my big boner squirted!!!!


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2 bottoms sharing a 18" dildo,...

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2 bottoms sharing a 18" dildo , slamming asses together


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last fuck of 2016.. slightly edited...


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Jakol 2017

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Hail NWO!


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jacking off to some video


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Big veiny jack

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Last video jerking of the year 2016


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Just got out of the shower and decided to make this video...Hope you like...


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Jacking off in my room after work