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Video shoutout to my sexy Thomas!...

1m 41s long
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I am having dirty thoughts and out my sexy older male friend THOMAS and this is what happened when it got too hot to handle. Had on my three rings making my cock throb intensely and my nuts ache...


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Cruise Fuck 1

4m 51s long
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getting fucked on carnival cruise


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Milking My Magic Mushroom

2m 56s long
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SloMo Mushroom milk explosion, set to the music of Filter (Hey Man Nice Shot)


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Solo session

3m 22s long
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Sometimes a guy just has to take matters into his own hands.


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Monster cock

9m 39s long
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Sucking big cock.


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Second time in two hours. I need some...

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Always thick, hard, and ready for action. Any takers? My hand is getting tired. Lol!


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A thick top

1m 10s long
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(_._) (_o_) (_O_)


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A thick regular

1m 5s long
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He left 5 loads that day


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Cumming on the Bed

4m 34s long
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Another cum video, as requested. This is a bit older, I'll try to post a new one soon.


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Riding Daddy in Front Yard

4m 50s long
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Riding his thick cock until i shoot


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2m 4s long
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Just bored and horny


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Stroking cock & cum shot

3m 5s long
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Jacking off and cumming


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Small aggressive DADDY pounds me...

9m 4s long
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Title speaks for itself Lol this was my first vid ever


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Me jerking off

3m 1s long
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Me jerking off


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Birthday Sex is Bare Sex

1m 0s long
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Who want to blow my candle...and he did cum to Big Daddy.


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BIG, THICK, and always CLEAN!

1m 37s long
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After a good BJ you know it was incredible when u jack yourself off again.


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A Day at the Nude Beach and the...

4m 38s long
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After swimming for awhile on a very hot day me and the hubby take a stroll through the woods that's right next to the river and have some fun...


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Good cock!!!

2m 25s long
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I haven't had any meat in me in about a month and half, but today I got fucked really good!!! Sorry no cumshot.


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Playing with my dick #2

7m 41s long
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Posing and showing off my dick


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Looks like Daddy enjoy the blow job he's getting from me. Want more?