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Pasarap!...Slurp slurp, wand some hot...

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Morning exercise....mmmmm


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jacking off with condom :)

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second video :) hope you like it hahaha


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Third jerk off session

6m 26s long
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My third jerk off video on my bed in front of a mirror. Hope you enjoy.


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just a JO

1m 26s long
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just teasing you (Pinoy)

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Just teasing you. Message me!


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jo 4yrs ago

5m 52s long
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Second j/o video.

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Just me, lying down on my bed jerking off.


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Outdoor fucking by the seaside 2

4m 34s long
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As title.


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Barebacked By My Boss

1m 41s long
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My boss always jokes around that he has a 7 inch dick but I didn't really believe him. We made a bet that if he indeed has a 7 inch dick, I'll let him fuck me bare. I LOST!


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Neighbor's Suck

1m 2s long
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Neighbor texted me and said he's hungry for cock. Who's next?


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Freshmans's ass

5m 10s long
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Pounding a freshmans's ass


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My first j/o video

2m 32s long
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This is my first video here in lifeout, sorry if I was sweating alot because I was masturbating for about 6 minutes and its too hot in my room. Hope you enjoy!


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jerk off lang

1m 22s long
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New found bottom Las Pinas area

1m 27s long
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After one month of texting and chatting we decided to meet and I went to his place and we had sex. I decided to take a video on our second round of fucking session.


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Cinco de Mayo 2 Part

5m 28s long
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When you just can't get enough.


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Daddy Top from Cubao

1m 20s long
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Burn burn burn


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Servicing Lee

2m 4s long
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He was teasing me that I wasn't good at giving blowjobs... I made him regret everything he said... Who wants to go next?


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cinco de mayo

1m 51s long
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Lucky bottom got filled by 4 tops.


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udating jerk off

12m 59s long
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jerk and taste


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Jackoff Monday

3m 4s long
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Horny today