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sucking cock

2m 36s long
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cock sucking


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Blowjob in Cebu

2m 3s long
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Brought my friend back to my hotel room... Good thing he agreed to have a video.. Sorry no cum shot.. Hopefully you still enjoy it nonetheless


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Backyard Fuck

5m 30s long
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suck daddy in the office while he's on the phone then we go backyard by the pool and he fucks me


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me and my boyfriend part2

1m 40s long
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me and my boyfriend! part 1

3m 3s long
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me and my boyfriend! It is just a boring day. so he decided to suck my dick. i hope you like it. :)


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Neighbor Fuck!!

1m 13s long
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Recently started chatting online with a neighbor across the street. We met in person at a local bar and we agreed that sometime in the near future we needed to fuck each others' brains out. Two...


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worshiping kickedback's thick and...

48m 4s long
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this fifty-something stud from brooklyn initially came across one of my vids at menwhoswallow, which led him in turn to the video treasure-trove i have posted here at lifeout ... when he first...


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My Facial

5m 35s long
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My buddy gave me a nice facial


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I was home sick so my ex came over...

10m 14s long
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Was home alone sick and my ex came over to suck me . Man I may have a small cock but he sucks the shit outta me like I was huge


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Young Asian cock

4m 9s long
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Swallowing Asian cock and cum


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Blowing married bud

2m 31s long
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Sucking and Stallone married cock


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A new BJ buddy

4m 30s long
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quality is not that great, but I hope you enjoy


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18 y/o 1st time with me...

40m 40s long
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It was his 1st time with a guy or even anyone. He was fun....


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Getting my mouth fed

9m 11s long
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Buddy came over to fee me


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1st Male BJ for 24yo Mixed Boy

5m 48s long
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24yo mixed boy wanted to see how it felt for a man to suck off his thick cock.


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White guy sucked blk guy's dick

3m 0s long
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Early morning he texted me a message and ask me you work off today? I said yes I am off work today. He came my house. He said I really you so much. He and I fucked buddies sometimes


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Small cocks needs some loving too

1m 36s long
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A daddy giving me a great blowjob.


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BJ the best

3m 43s long
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Sucking him off


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servicing my Sirgiving Sir a blow job

4m 25s long
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giving Sir a blow job


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sucking off enthusiastic NYC fan...

31m 17s long
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during one of my last NYC trips, i had a great time connecting with blondeguy81, who sports a thick and veiny (not to mention tasty!) cock ... we both really got into the session, and at one point,...