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He sucked me

1m 9s long
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Sucked me harf


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Pure Penis Perfection

10m 57s long
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MaxBlow WORSHIPING a PERFECT Georgia Cock!


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fun fat cock

6m 55s long
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not our best session or the best vid, but still a fun time..


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Atlanta Facial

7m 36s long
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MaxBlow (MaxGuyVer) Sucking Off an Atlanta Cock and taking a Warm Wet Facial!


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cocksuckers delight

6m 15s long
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i don't tire of this guy.. yum yum


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Me getting swallowed by married men

4m 46s long
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He sucked me a few times. In this clip it was just a simple horny day for me. After running chores suddenly horny so I went on searching and found him available so I invited him over. And he...


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Enjoying a Trucker

9m 54s long
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Enjoying a Trucker that stopped by.


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Daddy Dick Tease

7m 32s long
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Teasing a younger guy with my dick


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Sunday special

1m 11s long
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Stoppes by a local park to clean my truck and enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning, and while there met this handsome older gent with a nice thick dick with required some attention.


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Suckin another regular with a large...

1m 39s long
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A regular comes over for a 2 hour cock service session. He sits back and enjoys my mouth and throat. Especially when I swallow his whole cock balls deep and hold it. This is just a snippet.


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He wanted to taste it

1m 27s long
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First time sucking uncut and he wanted to taste it. So I had to, then I fucked him. He wouldn't let me record. May b next time. Sry no cum shot.


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Philly bois suckin dick

16m 17s long
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Getting as much nutt out of this guy before the cam ran out.


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Sucking and swallowing

2m 9s long
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Just a nice blow job to completion. Very tasty:) 7.5/8 inches


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Sucking a hot cock.

6m 0s long
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Before the guy straddles my face, I suck his cock, he chokes me, pops my face. and I get excited!


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Gentle sucker

5m 52s long
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He just wanted it. Sorry no cum shot he swallowed it. Like all the others. Greedy suckers.


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mouth cum dump

7m 56s long
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mouth cum dump


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blowing the caribbean guy

1m 23s long
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the start of our last session in 2015


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Sucking My Dick

7m 53s long
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A new edit and repost of earlier video of horny younger guy sucking my dick


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Sucking 7.5

2m 50s long
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Too much back light but sucking was good to a happy ending:)


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Daddy's Milk

2m 40s long
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Daddy came over and let me drink some of his milk!