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neighbor rimming and sucking

18m 20s long
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part two


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neighbor garage service

4m 15s long
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neighbor invited me over to play ps4 and drink some beers. it wasn't long before my staring at his bulge turned into him getting naked


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sucking my mechanic

14m 21s long
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Always flirt with my mechanic and he always kind of gives me that haha don't do that but give me money to fix your car. Guess the planets aligned in the right way or his girlfriend was not giving...


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FUKD in the mouth

1m 35s long
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this guy was a one trick pony. too bad for him


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makin a Cock wet

3m 32s long
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This man was a few years ago but after just seeing it after years it still gave my StagCock a boner.


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Sucking daddies cock

0m 52s long
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Sucking daddies cock


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Sucking on a buddy's cock

9m 40s long
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Had a buddy drop by yesterday evening to get his cock sucked. He really likes getting sucked, A LOT! He showed up around 5:30 and didn't leave until after 1 in the morning. I spent all night...


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Gotch this time 3 Multigasmic

16m 40s long
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This time, I am filmed with a beautiful "professional" friend of mind I call Multigasmic as I always get at least 3 nutts or more out of. His customers always get at least 2.


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sucking my friend

5m 23s long
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I've been trying to get this guy's dick in my throat for the longest time and finally today he came over and whipped it out. when I told him I could deep throat with no gag reflex he wouldn't...


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suck buddy playing games

2m 17s long
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found this going while cleaning my hard drive


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trade segments

1m 34s long
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some trade I picked up. My camera kept cutting out and these clips is what I could salvage


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To Suck a Cock

1m 54s long
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Sucking cock


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servicing my coworker 3

26m 59s long
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got a 'u up' text at 2 from by buddy


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servicing my coworker 2

24m 18s long
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hung out at my buddies house tonight


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With buddy

0m 41s long
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Blowjob in local hotel

2m 32s long
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Met a visitor to the area in a local hotel and he sucked my cock.


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1m 0s long
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Nothing like a good relaxing blowjob


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Fun outdoors after lunch during...

2m 26s long
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fun while mountain biking. Private spot after lunch.


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My husbear

3m 49s long
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He made a hole and couldn't resist


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Buddy messing around Pt. 1

1m 23s long
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I'll add description soon