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Shared publicly - Apr 25 at 12:48pm

Naked in the Kitchen

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Just woke up and threw on a robe didn't bother closing it. Hadn't had coffee yet, please excuse the bed hair LOL


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Morning loneliness

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Hanging out in my man cave


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Pleasuring my Pretty Penis

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I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


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Just another man pulling on his dick

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Title says it all


Shared publicly - Apr 24 at 1:04pm

4-24-19 Work Jerk

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Horny and alone at work again. The cat's away...


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Not from the current edging session, this one's from late March. Still a nice load though.


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Still Addicted to Making Porn!

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Encourage me to stay addicted to making porn!


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Shared publicly - Apr 22 at 5:12pm

Slave encased in latex vacuum cube

1m 8s long
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Slave experiencing total, inescapable rubber encasement in vacuum...


Shared publicly - Apr 22 at 1:19pm

Thurday fun

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Thurday nigth i are fucked for my friend..8" And thick cock.


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Jerking Off to that last Video of me...

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Thought this would be interesting


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Unload on old man

1m 5s long
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Just shooting my load on him


Shared publicly - Apr 22 at 12:37am

Sucking an old man

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Just me and old stud getting sucked off...


Shared publicly - Apr 21 at 8:44pm


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Always need something in my ass


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hey men bi xxxxxxxx

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hey men bi xxxxxxxx


Shared publicly - Apr 21 at 6:38pm

Up close

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Just me playing with my cock


Shared publicly - Apr 21 at 6:04pm

I am Proud of this Cumshot.

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Felt just wonderful xoxo


Shared publicly - Apr 21 at 10:13am

Slow close up fun

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Self explanatory :)


Shared publicly - Apr 21 at 9:53am

Me Sucking Dick

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He enjoys me sucking on his fat dick


Shared publicly - Apr 20 at 11:17pm

Whore for a friend

1m 23s long
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Fun with a friend at a hotel. Made a small show for him and he recorded.