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2015 Year End GangBang: Fucked By a...

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This hottie has been texting me for more than a year. Finally, he showed up at our 3015 Year End Gang Bang party and busted my tight fuck hole.


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Jackoff 2

2m 51s long
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My second video attempt


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5m 43s long
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sucking off a Home Health Aide way back when on the Upper West Side by the best buy on broadway near columbus circle. Mr. D. Kendall doesnt make much noise since his elderly bedridden patient is in...


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10m 46s long
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sucking off a fellow lifeout memeber back in the day. he's a thick dicked hung older daddy that works as a super-intendant in jackson heights queens. was a good guy to suck, too bad he just up and...


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Forever & Always

3m 10s long
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Enjoy! :)


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Oh yes!

1m 29s long
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This was one of the most amazing nights with a sexy boy! His ass and he was perfect! It's gonna happen more often but here is a little sneak peek. Always wear condoms!


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Make it cum


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Birthday manfukkin

7m 32s long
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4th try to upload WMV format Sucks crap!!! :((


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Jerk It Off, Jerk It Off

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Felt horny so...


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3m 47s long
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un rapidin es bueno


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clothes pins and leather

2m 8s long
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just playing


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jerkng off

3m 57s long
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Hello...leave a message after the tone

5m 56s long
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Daddy Carl ignores his phone call


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Morning JO

3m 15s long
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Quick JO with lots of cum.


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Giving my man a Blowjob

3m 13s long
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Sucking on my man's cock and balls. Tastes good :)


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Cum Facial By my man

2m 39s long
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Getting sprayed in the face with my mans hot load.


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First ever recorded Video. of my junior.

1m 8s long
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Last part of my jerking act. I was cumming!


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Amazing Arab Ass Fucking Pt1

7m 22s long
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This guy just has the most amazing ass, and I love his dark skin and awesome dark fur.


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I went to visit PD, [bleauxjob69]

1m 27s long
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I placed an ad on Craig's list and told the guys to come over and PD did us all. I think 5 guys came over that day. This just a short clip of us getting started.


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Old video re-post of my first life here

14m 41s long
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My Bud bleauxjob69, doing it like no other!