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Me enjoying...I need the real thing .

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Was watching porn...and this happened.


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Too Horny

1m 16s long
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I had just jacked off at midnight and at 7:00 am I was horny again. Not easy being a sperm bull


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Bb friend

2m 12s long
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Bb friend


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V-Day Fuck

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I met up with a sexy married bottom for a nice BJ and fuck.


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JO in Red Shorts and Jock with Cum

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Hey Guys... Got super horned up one night while I was wearing my jock, and had to pull my rock hard cock out of my shorts.. Here is the result of that!


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Hunter found me

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21 yo knows how to fuck


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hospital jerk

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late night in my hospital bed


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Fuck YA

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try and count how many times i say fuck ya lol didnt notice until i watched


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JO Cumpilation 3

6m 11s long
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Some earlier digital camera clips of self pleasure.


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for bearded guys 55+

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let's do 69


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A Hot Weekend of Edging and Cumming -...

9m 58s long
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Here is part 2 of the hot weekend that I had edging and cumming.. Good cumshot at the end, hopefully you will all like!


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A Hot Weekend of Edging and Cumming -...

12m 35s long
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Hey Guys, here is Part 1 of a 2 part video of a hot weekend that I had edging, cum shot is in part 2.


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Jerk At Bohol

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i cant myself to jerk at bohol. it makes my hard. watch until i cum.


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Its me

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Jerking time


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after work

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After work jerk


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shootin on my chair

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was so horny and rock hard i have to release some tension


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Riding Bam

18m 53s long
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Riding bam in this video. I apologize for the sound partway through.. im not sure what happened during the recording process, but I think something became corrupted while I was recording... blegh..


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Toy play

1m 38s long
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A little fun after work out!!


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getting fucked by a married hook up

3m 25s long
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short video of me being fucked by a married hook-up,