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Shared publicly - May 14 at 2:11am

My Hairy Cock

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Decided to do another video for you dudes while jerking to porn :P Hope you enjoy as much as I did men, fuck I love my hairy dick!


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Me Jacking Off

6m 9s long
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Me naked and jacking off until I cum.


Shared publicly - May 13 at 11:22pm

No cum

4m 3s long
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Only for minutes the videos so I didn't know the time was limit...sorry guys no cum ...hope you likes my 2nd videos....


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Fucking bf

1m 14s long
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Trying out this video editor app and new phone camera.


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My pastime


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Uploading after a long day.


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5 days old Cüm

2m 40s long
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It feels really good to cum but it would be great if a lovely huge cock is digging me. ;-)


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10" Dildo

1m 6s long
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One Bf gave me once this toy, I could took all but no in this video. however I did a good job fucking myself with it on camera. Enjoy! Cumshot included


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Hotwetspeedo Reaches Under

5m 4s long
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My trusty pair has taken a beating the elastic has all but fallen apart. It's just so comfy i like wearing it when doing chores or exercising. Even though it's been stretched out of shape I...


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Toy time round 2 5/13/16

3m 24s long
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Two toys too much lube lol


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Toy time 5/13/16

1m 47s long
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Round 1


Shared publicly - May 13 at 12:46am

Caladan visited me and we played rough

2m 48s long
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This Stallion cant get enough ass


Shared publicly - May 12 at 10:47pm

My boy used my fleshlight for first...

2m 48s long
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He enjoyed my fleshlight.


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1m 35s long
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Nothing to do


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Me suckin

1m 9s long
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Just love sucking.


Shared publicly - May 12 at 3:56pm

For Rick.

2m 31s long
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This is my first video, please be kind when commenting on it. Yes, I'm old and overweight. But old guys like to have fun too. This is for Rick, our inside joke.


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2 Hours of Hard Work

1m 8s long
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A nice, cool Spring day. This is the result of a good, hard effort. Note the use of 'cool' on my balls being nice and tight. The lighting is poor once again, and the ending has some static... I...


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election day

2m 20s long
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i love to swim naked


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First video

1m 21s long
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First JO


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LapSausage Cums

3m 57s long
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This is my very firt piece of editing. Hope you enjoy.