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sling ride

4m 7s long
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Took me months!!! of trying to get this TopMan to give me his Mansex GRRRR


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Back at it!

5m 46s long
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Just me doing my thing.... again!


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Cumming after edging

1m 1s long
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After zoom sessions and porn lol. Please mute the volume.


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office chair jerkoff and cum tasting

3m 0s long
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watching porn one day


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Jack off!

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Huge cumshot!


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Jacking off and cumming in the park...

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January 20th


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April 2018

2m 11s long
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It's been several years since I posted a video I hope you guys enjoy it I've gotten a lot of older a lot fatter and my dick has gotten a lot smaller


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2m 10s long
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This is the only way to paint. I need to iron the wrinkles out of my ass. LOL