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Shared publicly - Aug 3 at 12:36am

Bored and horny

3m 50s long
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Late night playing


Shared publicly - Aug 2 at 12:02pm

Me jacking off

1m 30s long
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Just me working my tool :)


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My black stallion

4m 22s long
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One of my best sling BBrdn


Shared publicly - Aug 2 at 5:06am

Chicago Fucks Atlanta

6m 36s long
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Horned dude goes to Chicago to get fucked... Chi Zac fucks Ryan ATL


Shared publicly - Aug 1 at 5:50pm

Playing with myself

2m 28s long
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Playing with my dick


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Tony tearing up Courtney

9m 29s long
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Just having some fun with a bud who loves to bottom !!!


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4m 54s long
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This may be boring, we were all tired when filming this. No cum shot.


Shared publicly - Aug 1 at 6:48am

Taken from Behind

1m 49s long
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This bottom guy wanted to video while he is being fucked. Taken 3 years ago.


Shared publicly - Jul 31 at 11:35pm

Jerking - My Favorite Pastime

4m 57s long
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Just killing more time enjoying myself


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REAL dick fucked after machine...

6m 45s long
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local friend really LUVS to fuck or watch a hole get fucked. I can do both!! -opened my hole up while he got to watch then it was his turn. All the time a milking machine constantly stroking my...


Shared publicly - Jul 31 at 5:19pm

Hot day

2m 49s long
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Nude in my room carousing around