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Shared publicly - Feb 22 at 11:09pm

Bathroom Fun

2m 18s long
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Just playing around with my cock in the bathroom


Shared publicly - Feb 22 at 6:38pm

CK briefs

3m 32s long
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Got some new briefs. Trying to figure out which ones look best.


Shared publicly - Feb 22 at 4:19pm

Midnight jerkin

2m 34s long
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When the urges strikes ..


Shared publicly - Feb 22 at 8:14am

Fuck and Big Bull Balls

9m 9s long
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Fuck with zucchini.


Shared publicly - Feb 22 at 6:34am

jerk & cum

3m 33s long
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jerking me


Shared publicly - Feb 22 at 5:44am

Teasing you with my cock

1m 15s long
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Teasing somebody with my cock


Shared publicly - Feb 22 at 4:15am

Before shower unloaded

1m 17s long
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I was horny. Simple. After been edging and watching porn an hour. Time to squirt, excuse my big belly guys. LOL


Shared publicly - Feb 21 at 3:55am

Hotwetspeedo stays home

9m 47s long
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It's cold and wet outside


Shared publicly - Feb 20 at 8:57pm

Warming up

1m 44s long
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showing off myself