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Shared publicly - May 29 at 10:01pm

Outdoor strip and j/o

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an older vid until I can get back outside and make another one.


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Sitting At My Desk

6m 3s long
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Just having some fun while sitting at my desk!


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Slow mo head ring

3m 0s long
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New penis head ring play


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needed to release

3m 7s long
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was very horny


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rico fucking con este hermoso flaquito


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Had To Bust

1m 15s long
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Another short video...sorry about the gut...cant edit that out!


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Way too horny these days! The money...

1m 7s long
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My thick Dick couldn't hold onto the days stress NO LONGER! I had to release and boy did if feel great! Enjoy!


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horny and in need of cock

3m 14s long
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im horny and my boy hole is hungry for cock!


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Bottom Cums Handsfree

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4th time a bottom cums handsfree while being fucked


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more? jerking, sucking ( soon ) fucking

2m 28s long
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fucking the sweet tight ass again... Can't help asking for more...


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Cum Cum Cum Cum Cum

3m 0s long
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Making more cum


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young man gets second ride

1m 37s long
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Traveling again - stopped in DC area and friend comes over for another ride - vid was short but think you can tell he's having a GREAT TIME!


Shared publicly - May 27 at 6:32pm

late night

6m 32s long
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late night bate


Shared publicly - May 27 at 2:34pm

messing around in the new car

2m 18s long
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Just having some fun in my car. Sorry, no cumshot.


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Pasarap!...Slurp slurp, wand some hot...

1m 35s long
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Morning exercise....mmmmm


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Sarap kumantot

1m 44s long
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This twink is super hot. Nice ass. Flawless. Tight. Love to fuck over and over again


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sorry por la toma pero este hermoso chaparrito no quiso mostrar su espalda tatuada pero gozo el caballito hasta que me hiso venir


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Yep it's me

1m 39s long
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Jacking off


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GOOD Doggy.

4m 27s long
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He LOVES to Suck Cock .... and then get Fucked ... Hard and Deep ... enjoy. Do .... let me know if you like .... smile