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i am a shower not a grower

1m 55s long
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Shower not a grower.


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Riding My Toy

2m 14s long
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Had some fun bouncing on one of my toys, hope you guys enjoy. It had been a while since I've had anything up my ass, my legs were shaky for about 5min after I came.


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My guy taking a seat on my hard cock

2m 21s long
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This vid was shot a few years ago.......


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Impetuous cumshot

1m 7s long
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An old video from the summer of me shooting wildly.


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i'm horny

1m 58s long
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here is my newest video hope you enjoy


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Having a wank !

4m 17s long
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Having a wank trying to make it grow.


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Tease Again

3m 14s long
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another teasing video. hope you like this one. enjoy.


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Need my cum?

1m 46s long
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Taste it


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Love being fucked

13m 7s long
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Love a top that knows how to please my hole without slamming/pounding!


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1-9-15 Jackoff and Orgasm Front view

1m 47s long
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Decided to try a different camera angle wwearing 3 cockrings. Hope you enjoy it.


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Watching porn

4m 27s long
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Man that felt great!


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Morning Visitor - Conclusion

10m 36s long
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Of course it ends up with fucking and cumming!


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1m 4s long
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Vibrator in my BOIs hole

2m 0s long
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fuckin my BOIs hole with a vibrator


Shared publicly - Jan 8 at 9:50pm

When Cum Burst

1m 45s long
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jerking before i taking a bath. watch this and how my cum burst. enjoy.


Shared publicly - Jan 8 at 6:28pm

Morning Visitor - Part III

4m 17s long
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A whole lot of hole teasing! (and a bit of sucking)


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Daddy flip sesh (2)

2m 9s long
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Dady flipped over to take my cock and cum. I cum so hard it's literally dripping out. Wish I got a better angle of the frio though. ;) leave comments and stuff.


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Daddy flip sesh (1)

1m 1s long
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Met this daddy online. I already had 17 loads in me from earlier in the day and he gave me 18-19.


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1-8-15 Jackoff and Orgasm

3m 8s long
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I decided to start 'shooting' some new vids using my camcorder. Hope you like it. Had to edit 3 minutes out so there was 3 min more of jacking off haha.


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Hot summer day

2m 23s long
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starting my day with a little play time