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Afternoon Summer Storm (part 1)

3m 4s long
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Mother nature is angry today


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kissing one of my lifeout crush?


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Got my cock sucked in DC. Great cock sucker.


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Anal fuck

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Fucked by friend at his place.


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Palm Springs Daddy

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met this hott daddy in PS


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Just Playing Games

7m 5s long
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En la cama despertando

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Caliente por la mañana


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jock mesh

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feeling horny to show you guys in my jockstrap and out.


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Filling his hole with cum

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boyfriend shot his load up his ass so i have enough lube for my big cock this guy know how to milk the cum out your cock with his tight hole


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Playing with my rod

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Got bored and began rubbing my package and before I knew it couldn't stop playing with myself.


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Standing position


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He Blow Me Again

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He missed my tool so he came back and gave me an oral fun


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And He Came Back

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Fucking him while raining


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Btm bud tops me

1m 31s long
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I love it when I can get a bottom guy to fuck me! This sweet man really loved shoving his 8" into me. So did I. We flipped for 2 hours...


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A Quiet Summer Afternoon

6m 45s long
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Doing what I love to do second-best!


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JO before going to bed

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Who wants to help me? PM me.


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Jerk off in car at beachside

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I was horny before going swimming, so I decided to whack off in my car. I added my song Shoot That Load! to the end of the video.


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Jerk Off. cum. cock. self. shooter.

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Me jerking my dick and cumming. I precum like crazy and can shoot sometimes a ridiculous amount of jizz.


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Shooting a Big Load in slo-mo

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After edging on and off for two days this is the result… cock, slomo, cum, jizz, shooter, nutoff, head, pisshole,


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Gangbang Creampie

3m 57s long
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Tops lined up to breed this sweet ass however they want. Tight pussy used and filled with cum until overflowing. Bred rough and left his hole sloppy and creamy for the next cock.