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Jerk Off 1

3m 29s long
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Just got bored! :D Want to taste me? Message me! :D


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Nature play

1m 45s long
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Leave me a message!!!!


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Jack uzzi

6m 43s long
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Leave me a message if you liked!!!!


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Naked Nature

1m 42s long
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Leave me a comment if you liked!!!!


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i need sex

1m 4s long
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i need sex...


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sucking and getting fucked by my priest top from brooklyn.


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Jerking While Watching This

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I woke up so early and wanted to watch a movie but it turned me to watch this. Haha


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Morning J/O 03.06.2016

3m 18s long
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No sex for 3 months already after I got separated from my exbf. Thanks to my hands, specially my right hand :-) Enjoy guys!!!


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JO 2

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Woke up doing this with my hard tool


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try again...

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horny every tue.


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my movie

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just me in my room playing


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2m 6s long
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Jacking off to porn, chatting and edging; all at same time. More vids to cum.


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Raw Interracial 3some

2m 33s long
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BF & I taking a black 20 yr old's 8" dick bareback.


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First time

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First time recording a jerk


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Young Man operats Fucking Machine

7m 6s long
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Annual play night at long time friends house in Fort Lauderdale during this year's winter "snowbird" trip. Not many wanted fuck and milking machine ride - AND be videoed so I took a turn and was...


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Part 1 of 3 - Afternoon Breeding

8m 50s long
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Me and my bear fuck buddy having a good time.


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Weight loss blog - week 3

8m 26s long
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Weekly weight loss blog for week 3


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bi top breeds me on lunch break

5m 1s long
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Besties since middle school but didn't fuck til years later. Never better at 40+. Always raw, always filled with a couple (sometimes 4!) juicy nuts. This was his 1st of 2 that time.


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bathing in then shower

4m 3s long
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me taking a shower


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Jack off outside

1m 15s long
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