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Shared publicly - Mar 21 at 6:25am

cumming on my chair

2m 6s long
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this chair isn't in good shape, maybe I've shot too much cum on it over the years? ;)


Shared publicly - Mar 21 at 5:59am

Riding the Edge

12m 37s long
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this morning edging my cock and riding on the edge of cumming but i'm going to make a day of it and hold out as long as i can


Shared publicly - Mar 21 at 4:19am

my condom experience

2m 19s long
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cum inside :)


Shared publicly - Mar 20 at 11:39pm

Riding my boyfriend´s dick

2m 34s long
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Just me and boyfriend


Shared publicly - Mar 20 at 8:07am

Jerk in the bathroom

2m 34s long
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Just horny and needing to unload


Shared publicly - Mar 20 at 7:18am

Bate bate

1m 37s long
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Jerking Off


Shared publicly - Mar 19 at 5:32pm

Cum shot

2m 5s long
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Plenty of juice for you


Shared publicly - Mar 19 at 2:32pm

Slow motion cum shot

3m 35s long
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Jerking my twink cock till it explodes lots of cum! Can you count exactly how many cum shots I shoot out of my twink cock? Watch closely


Shared publicly - Mar 19 at 1:37pm


2m 26s long
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Bottom friend being fucked


Shared publicly - Mar 19 at 12:57pm

Daddy's fuck

1m 50s long
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Daddy fucking me


Shared publicly - Mar 18 at 10:17pm

Black BeerCan Raw Fucking

2m 52s long
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NYC beercan bareback bear breeding - he had arranged 5 tops to share me with him... What a good friend.. <3


Shared publicly - Mar 18 at 6:27pm

Takes Two Hands To Handle My Whopper...

1m 8s long
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Always boned and horny in need of a hungry mouth


Shared publicly - Mar 18 at 8:58am

Breeding Twitch

1m 3s long
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Been getting the urge to top lately, so I dumped a few loads in my Twitch. This is the first.


Shared publicly - Mar 18 at 8:52am

Sexy Latino Fucked

16m 22s long
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This was a fun fuck session, with a great latino bottom. Hope you like the hard fucking, but will forgive the video angle.


Shared publicly - Mar 17 at 7:57pm

Weight loss blog - week 5

10m 43s long
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Weigh loss video blog for week 5


Shared publicly - Mar 17 at 7:38pm

Riding Daddy on Workout Equipment

3m 7s long
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riding his big dick on the workout machine & then he jacks and shoots his big load


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Raw Hotel Fuckin!

1m 4s long
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Me Deep fucking the Bottom in a 4way.


Shared publicly - Mar 17 at 5:46pm

Vista Grande Resort

3m 50s long
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just having some fun with daddy in hottub


Shared publicly - Mar 17 at 4:22pm

Ball Slap

1m 17s long
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Bouncing Bubble Butt...


Shared publicly - Mar 17 at 6:01am


4m 35s long
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Leave me a message if you liked!!!!