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Shared publicly - Oct 12 at 4:17am

Me sucking to 18/year old

1m 2s long
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Was on grinder when this sexy 18/ year old asked if I wanted a blow job after he sucked me I sucked him . let me know how I did.


Shared publicly - Oct 12 at 4:12am

Me getting head by this cute 18 year old

1m 4s long
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Was on grinder when this young 18 year old hit me up asking if I wanted head so of course I said yes . he sucked me and then I sucked him . both on video .


Shared publicly - Oct 12 at 2:35am

Slappy Fuck from Latino

2m 10s long
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Daddy gets fucked Slappy and hard by young Latino


Shared publicly - Oct 12 at 2:30am

post shower wank

1m 31s long
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Finishing off after a nice shower


Shared publicly - Oct 11 at 9:11pm

Morning Cub

17m 40s long
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A fuck bud rang me as I was waking up to tell me he was in front of my house and horny. Of course i invited him up- Good Morning!!


Shared publicly - Oct 11 at 8:58pm

Melbourne Fuck Bud

22m 12s long
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I met this hot Aussie on holiday from Melbourne last week.


Shared publicly - Oct 11 at 8:03pm

2nd j.o vid

1m 35s long
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Just a regular horny morning.hehe.


Shared publicly - Oct 11 at 12:35pm

Mauled and bred by a black bear.

8m 35s long
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Great business trip. He stayed in for me to milk ever drop. Please comment.


Shared publicly - Oct 11 at 7:15am


4m 32s long
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Back at it again!


Shared publicly - Oct 10 at 5:46pm

Dublin Fuck Buddy

13m 13s long
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Met up with guy visiting from Dublin. We got a quick fuck in before he had to hop a flight home.


Shared publicly - Oct 10 at 4:25pm

just a quick jerk

2m 2s long
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got horny and decided to unload a quickie in the bathroom


Shared publicly - Oct 10 at 3:26am

arab boss strikes back

9m 23s long
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and treats me like his dog


Shared publicly - Oct 10 at 2:41am

My bitch backing that ass up

2m 57s long
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My bitch getting him so black dick, I made him do the work


Shared publicly - Oct 9 at 12:41pm

Prison Style- ass to mouth to ass to...

6m 44s long
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One of those no holds barred all out anything goes kind of nights.Fucking me hard and deep- came inside and pushed it deeper - lil dark but in the midst of getting pounded- it works lol


Shared publicly - Oct 9 at 9:21am

3rd round for the day...

1m 27s long
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Just bored


Shared publicly - Oct 9 at 1:54am

A grindr hook up

2m 22s long
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This went on for over 30 mints


Shared publicly - Oct 8 at 3:26pm

Jerk off nice load

2m 24s long
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Rock hard 7.5 shooting


Shared publicly - Oct 8 at 9:03am

another wank

2m 16s long
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Enjoying a wank at home!


Shared publicly - Oct 8 at 8:07am


1m 54s long
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Fucking at local park


Shared publicly - Oct 7 at 2:24pm

rainy horny day

2m 57s long
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hope you enjoy the video!!!