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Shared publicly - Aug 28 at 12:10am

Late Night Jerk

1m 30s long
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Partner went to bed.....I needed to bust a nut


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 9:22pm

Bareback Bedroom Teaser

1m 28s long
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Cumming Soon!!


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 4:01pm

Bud wanted to fuck me

1m 26s long
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Hanging with friend and he wanted to fuck me. Did not know he was so verbal


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 3:25pm

Pinoy - Shower Jerkoff

4m 15s long
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Jerked-off while showering at a hotel


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 11:38am


6m 14s long
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solo me la mamaba pero esta vez me insistió tanto y me convencio y se la deje ir por el culo al principio sentí que le fue doloroso pero luego dilato y fue muy rico.


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 8:42am

me and my partner first vid part 1

2m 23s long
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He wants to play my ass first... This is our round 2 for tonight... Since we failed to have threesome tonight... No cum on this vid... Wait for part 2


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 5:01am

Jerk Off

1m 39s long
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Shot last September 3, 2014


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 12:50am

JO for you

2m 41s long
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got a boner from last night's exchange of naughty chats but was not able to release the pressure.. morning came and and still my tool is stiff so I decided to let off the steam.. for you hehehe


Shared publicly - Aug 27 at 12:08am

before bedtime!!!

1m 36s long
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Its been a while since my last video upload. Decided to record one since i got horny with the new videos that was uploaded here in LifeOut. Enjoy!!! Ciao....


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 9:19pm

Digging Mr. Kinis

2m 43s long
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You know what I love about this bottom? His skin is smooth and almost hairless. My weaknesses.


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 8:20pm

Me again

3m 5s long
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great bud


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 4:29pm

Jerk off

2m 2s long
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Watching hot life out vids


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 3:42pm

Bring the BEAT On.. Oh Yeah!!!

1m 34s long
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Having some fun with my DICK Cum on, have some baby...


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 11:37am

Needing to cumm

1m 2s long
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In my bed before getting up this morning.


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 3:32am

Waking up with a thick load!

3m 17s long
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I got a great response to my video and have decided to share another. Before i forget, thanks to each and every one of you for the super awesome comments. I truly do appreciate it and it seriously...


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 2:23am

Two Married Guys

3m 12s long
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With a 19-year old married guy jacking off while watching porn... It's part of fun and experience to both of us...


Shared publicly - Aug 26 at 1:40am

Solo Stroke

1m 10s long
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Just a tease ...


Shared publicly - Aug 25 at 9:06pm

bed jerk n self-suck

2m 14s long
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title says it


Shared publicly - Aug 25 at 4:27pm

Fucking my buddy bareback

2m 17s long
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Taking my buddy to pound town bareback style!


Shared publicly - Aug 25 at 2:16pm

Dildo and Nut fest 1

1m 42s long
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I was capturing a video for a friend of me playing with me lil friend and show off my feet. Then I thought HELL why not share it with all of my friends on here. Hope you guys enjoy and positive...